Unread Email Appearance

Hi! Does anyone know of a way to change the appearance of unread emails in the inbox. The bolded text and dot do not really stand out enough for me to make this obvious, and I’d prefer not to have to flip back and forth between the full inbox and the unread email inbox. Ideally, I’d be able to change the color of unread emails in a way similar to how the active email is highlighted in the mail list (e.g. make them a light blue or something similar).

I love EM Client in almost every other way, but this is a big negative for me.


Have you tried the dark theme with the orange dot for unread?
If I have a bunch of unread emails sprinkled throughout the folder, I click on the column with the orange dot, and they all consolidate to the top of the list.

Not sure if this suggestion is of interest, but it works well for me.

Hi @sunriseal I appreciate the suggestion, but the orange dots are really not doing it for me. I’m just looking for a way to make unread emails (or those marked as unread) painfully obvious, without having to re-sort or flip between boxes. During a typical workday, I’ll often mark an email that I’ve read, as unread, if there is some outstanding action required from me. This is much more efficient for me than creating tasks, etc., and gives me a decent synopsis of my day at a glance of my inbox (e.g. the ratio of read vs. “unread” emails, and where they are in the timeline). This is a system that has worked extremely well for me over the years.

The best way to make unread emails obvious that I have seen, is to have them bolded, with an alternate text colour for the subject line, and/or then the whole thing shaded a different color in the inbox. With all of the mail settings available in eM Client, I was surprised that there was not an “unread mail” category in mail preferences to allow for these sorts of end-user personalizations. And having looked through the forum a bit more after making my submission, I see that I’m not alone in this request. I could also see that eM Client’s design team seems to be responsive to feature requests (and this one should be pretty straightforward to do - low hanging fruit as some might say).

I guess I’ll have to hope for the best on this, but because of how I use unread email and how little the current themes and settings allow me to distinguish them, this will likely be a deal breaker for me from moving into the paid version after the trial. The lack/subtlety of distinction for unread emails just makes it too likely I will miss something, and I can get this feature in other offerings (though they are not as good in some other ways). It’s a shame, because I love everything else about eM Client so far.


It will do do with the Theme you are running as @sunriseal advised. I have no issues in any of the supplied eM Client built-in Themes showing the difference between Read and Unread emails. As you can see below Unread is very clear in Bold compared to the Unread messages below.

(eM Client V9 Classic Theme example).

If you need help with Modifying Themes in the Theme Editor or other Theme Editors manually see the following eM Client links. Lots of experienced Theme editor peeps on these threads.

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Hi @cyberzork I appreciate the reply, but I am very comfortable switching themes and the current appearance of unread emails in the inbox. None of them do what I have asked for (change the colour of the subject line and highlight the colour of the unread email in the inbox), to make the unread emails stand out in a way that is painfully obvious. While you may find the current distinction obvious, I don’t (nor do the others who have asked for this feature). As indicated previously, it is relatively subtle to my eye, and as such requires a deeper diversion of attention (more than a quick glance) to see and interpret which emails are or are marked as unread. So, it is unsuitable for my needs in its current form, for all of the reasons previously indicated. Hence the feature request.

Now, maybe if they had the little red arrows you had to draw in your screenshot to point out which ones were unread… :slight_smile: