Unread Email Appearance

I gave the exact entries to change here:

To find out how to edit a theme, see: Design your own eM Client | eM Client


I am working on eM Client not so standard at work (we share imap account) and I had problem with all that unread stuff. I figured out that the nice looking method is to add tag “NEW” (automatically by filters for incoming emails) to every email (except spam, so this filter is last one) that comes to inbox.

Then I just customized top toolbar to easy change/remove tags and now all emails are marked as “NEW”, which is visible enough (red tag). And because you can setup key shortcut to tags - working with it is pretty fast.

That is not solution because the tag is still there after the message is been read. It means I need to do more clicks to remove it and then I forget. Message are already marked read once I have read them so automatic solutions for theme change in 10 work better.

We will also have a setting for those who don’t want to edit the theme.

So something like this: