Custom eM Client Themes


I decided to collect all the custom themes our customers sent us so you can find them in one place. See below:

George Merlocco: Dark Frost…

AJVincelli: Pink Frost…

Northlight: Little customized theme…

John Whiteside: Deus Ex inspired theme…

Do not hesitate to share your other Themes with us :slight_smile:

Bump this thread for interest and not letting it disappear!


Hi all,

Pink Frost v1.1 (with the fixed menu texts) is now available at the same link the old one was hosted at:…

If anybody finds any other issues with the theme, feel free to post a screenshot here and I will fix.

Thanks for the input!


I just love the Pink Frost theme, thank you so much. I’m hoping there will be another one soon.

Any idea on how to have rounded corners in main in every window? Main and new ones.

Hi, that is not possible, in Windows 8 (8.1) you should have all corners squared, in win7 and older we are planning something to make it more consistent, but those rounded corners are in major cases generated by IE core.


In the Dark Frost theme, on the updated em client when you go to move an email to a folder (the folder view popup opens), the background is white and the text is light grey. I cannot find how to change the text or background color for this area. I tried altering every text and background option and nothing.

hi, by altering do you mean editing its code?


yes, I opened it in dreamweaver and am able to alter the color codes for other sections just fine. I really only want to change either the background or text color for the folder window that appears when you right click an email and choose move to folder. The current theme has white background with a light grey text. I have altered all the backgrounds that have the white color code and even some that have light grey, but non affect that window.

How do I download the theme links? When I click on the link, I get a prompt asking me to either open with Windows Explorer or to save the file.

When I click to open with Windows Explorer (so I can see what the theme looks like), I get an error message saying, "Windows cannot open the folder. The compressed (zipped) file is invalid.

What should I do?


Which link? Or all links?

All links.

Oh, I see. So once you click on a link above, it should download a file with a “.emtheme” extension. (In the case of the Northilght theme, you have to unzip it first.) Once the file is downloaded, go to your eM Client program and click on Tools --> Settings --> Appearance --> Themes, then click on “Import…” Navigate to your downloaded .emtheme file, select it and then click Open. Now you can select the theme in the Themes window, and click Apply to see what it looks like. And by the way, now that you’ve imported the theme, feel free to delete the downloaded file; eM Client stores imported themes in its own location. Happy theme-ing!

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you have to click on link (NOT source) it should download file to your selected folder and in Tools - Settings - Appearance - Themes click on import, locate your file, import it and you will find it in Window together with other Themes.


Thanks so much, ajvincelli and John!

Is there a way to delete a custom made theme?

I have the same issue. (Version 6.0.19825.0) Also occurs in the “create new folder” sub-popup or if “copy to folder” is chosen.

It appears these popups are partly or wholly using the Windows system theme/colors, as their borders appear in the main Windows theme instead of the eM Client theme. Perhaps some main system colors are being inappropriately applied? At any rate, it does not seem that the eM Client theme file is controlling these elements directly.

I tried the pink frost theme and the create new folder and move to folder windows have a color scheme with black text and you can read it just fine. The issue is most likely a missing line from the dark frost theme, i just dont know which line.

OK, that was the clue (that the pink one worked). To fix Dark Frost, open the theme file and scroll until you see:

. . .

< TreeViewFirstLevelForeground description = “Text color for the first-level text in a tree structure” >#ffffff< /TreeViewFirstLevelForeground>
< TreeViewForeground description = “Text color of a tree structure” >#eeeeee< /TreeViewForeground>
. . .

Change both the #ffffff and the #eeeeee to #333333, and re-save the file in the eM Client\Themes subfolder, and all is well.

Thanks for the clue! Now I am happy with the theme!