Editing Theme Source Code

I have several questions about editing themes.

  1. Is there a way to edit the width of the scroll bars?
  2. Is it possible to edit the source code after I’ve saved an edited theme?
  3. Are there 3rd party themes that can be used in eM Client?

I will soon need to decide if I want to purchase the program. There are some features that I have not found in other programs so I am trying to discover how to fix the few issues I have with it.

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sábado 30 octubre 2021 :: 0920hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @MamaWolf

1, 2, 3: Yes,Yes,Yes
There a number of themes provided with eMC
Menu ->Settings ->Appearance ->Themes
Menu ->Settings ->Appearance ->Themes ->Theme Editor (a tool to edit Themes or you can edit the XML Theme using a text editor - I use UEStudio)
A selection of user created Themes for download:

Help can be provided here:

Ask if you need any help.

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Thank you so much for all this information, skybat. I am going to spend the day sorting it all out. There are some interesting options here.

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Skybat, I finally figured out how to make my scroll bars wider & I have my colors right. I just need to do a bit of tweaking yet. This is an awesome program & I definitely think it is worth the money.

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