Start Minimized without Splash Screen

A setting to start eM Client at startup in minimized state without the splash screen being shown. Whether it is minimized to the taskbar or tray shall still be controlled by the existing setting.


There have been plenty of requests for this feature dating back more than a decade:

The generally stated solution is to create a shortcut in the startup directory of Windows and setting it to minimized while ensuring that the “Run on system startup” setting is unchecked. This works, but only after showing the splash screen. It is also a too complicated solution for normal users (e.g. my mother) and only known to those who are able to read English and this forum.

You don’t need to create a batch file.

Here is the solution:

If the solution is not working, it may have to do with your OS, as starting an application minimized is a function of the OS, not the app. Check that you have disabled the option in eM Client to run on system startup. You have created the shortcut in the start folder, so having this option in eM Client ticked as well will try to start 2 instances.

You are correct, I still had that option ticket and that lead to the undesired behavior of the program restoring itself to normal. I have edited the feature request accordingly.