Start Minimized without Splash Screen

A setting to start eM Client at startup in minimized state without the splash screen being shown. Whether it is minimized to the taskbar or tray shall still be controlled by the existing setting.


There have been plenty of requests for this feature dating back more than a decade:

The generally stated solution is to create a shortcut in the startup directory of Windows and setting it to minimized while ensuring that the “Run on system startup” setting is unchecked. This works, but only after showing the splash screen. It is also a too complicated solution for normal users (e.g. my mother) and only known to those who are able to read English and this forum.

You don’t need to create a batch file.

Here is the solution:

If the solution is not working, it may have to do with your OS, as starting an application minimized is a function of the OS, not the app. Check that you have disabled the option in eM Client to run on system startup. You have created the shortcut in the start folder, so having this option in eM Client ticked as well will try to start 2 instances.

You are correct, I still had that option ticket and that lead to the undesired behavior of the program restoring itself to normal. I have edited the feature request accordingly.

No mate, this has to do with your inability to code app properly to not annoy the user. All what we need is “hide splash screen” and where “start with windows” option is there should be another sub checkmark added “start minimzed in systray” the general options, like every other email client and other programs. All this putting a shortcut in the startup folder is a rather janky solution and it also produces an inferior result because start minimized starts… well minimzed, it’s not in systray where it should be.

You guys sure have figured out how to annoy the user with program updates dialog showing up… and not having the checkmark in the program itself to turn them off… yet none of your updates bring the very basic functionality like this.

martes 21 marzo 2023 :: 0822hrs (UTC +0100)

Of course you are entitled to an opinion, certainly not shared by me, I hope though, do not know about others.
My version of eMC does start minimised to the system tray, with no special tweaks to properties: I do not start eMC with windows.
Further I have never had an issue with any update, perhaps because I always run updates with eMC closed.
I do not appreciate your comments concerning the developers, however, no doubt they would be pleased to receive constructive comment.
I like you am entitled to have my opinions.
I do not work for or have any association with eMC other than to be a satisfied user.


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+1. The current “work-a-round” is just a hack.

It’s no longer the 90s and users now expect an email client to work the same way as the default Windows Mail client does, or their phone/tablet does. I.E. Whenever they use their device, the email and calendar automatically and silently run in the background, so that they always receive email and calendar notifications.

What they don’t expect is a hacky work-a-round where:

1) A splash screen shows every time they start the machine.

2) They lose their ability to minimize to taskbar, as eM Client needs to be set to minimize to tray if they don’t want the program to appear in the taskbar on every startup.

3) When they open the program from the normal shortcut/Start Menu tile – after every PC restart it doesn’t launch fullscreen, but in windowed mode.

An email/calendar client is not like normal software that only needs to run on demand – like an image editor for example. An email/calendar client is a communications tool that needs to be running all the time, so that users receive email and calendar notifications regardless of what they’re doing.

The vast majority of people are not computer geeks and struggle with even basic concepts like copy and paste. The main argument for using eM Client over something like Thunderbird in the first place is because of it’s ease of use and is simple enough to not overwhelm users. But as it is currently, I am unable to set up eM client they way they expect.

Of course you are entitled to an opinion, certainly not shared by me, I hope though, do not know about others.
My version of eMC does start minimised to the system tray. I do not start eMC with windows.

As you said you do not run this email client with windows on startup, therefore you do not have this problem. Well good for you, but many of us do run this on startup, so we actually get notified of new emails when they arrive.

Your input is worthless, you are just shilling for the devs and don’t worry my facts are shared with others here. Devs here seem to be incompetent and are not be able to figure out very basic stuff… by version 7 we barely got the “start up with windows” option, functionality that should had been there in version 1 and to date we still cannot remove the splash screen, or turn off the automatic update check in the program itself. Like another user said it’s not 90s anymore we don’t want to see splash screens when starting programs, especially if they are running in background.

Even if you’re a paying costumer, you can only turn update check off on this website itself(janky workaround), if free you can’t at all because devs like to annoy.

It’s really embarrasing for the devs to suggest these hacks as an official solution. Even in 90s there were some email clients that ran silently in the background and could even check for email when they dial up, without annoying the user that there’s no internet when the program is in the background.

1) A splash screen shows every time they start the machine.

Which cannot be even hidden, by any sort of hack(if any of you know how, I’d like to know, preferably with autoit)… while it’s possible to use autoit or firewall hack to get rid of annoying update prompts, that also start with the machine and it’s so bad only delays it for day, even if you choose to remind in 30 days, I cannot do the same for the splash screen, just can’t get rid of it. I mean if you have a really slow pc and you start this program manually to check email, it’s nice to see that something is happening and you get the feedback that you did run the program, but for rest of us, we need the option to turn that off.

martes 04 abril 2023 :: 1119hrs (UTC +0100)

Hey @unknown69

I have been away for a long weekend break returning today to read your several general and a few directed comments.
I actually do not understand, in my opinion, your condescending, self-opinionated and in some cases insulting attitude. I have to conclude that, perhaps, you are the original “Mr Angry”.
Further I do happen to agree with some of the ideas/suggestions you make though not the manner in which they are presented.
As I have stated previously I am certain that the ‘devs’ welcome constructive comment.
For me the subject is closed.

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Hallo There!
That would be my question, that is it possible set up eM Client so, that after boot up my PC, the main window go down to the task bar itself?
Thank you in advance

Check this out as it may answer your question…

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Hi! I’m just bought eM Client and I’m beginning to use it. It’s a powerful e-mail client that just lacks some features to be perfect.

Please had this features: Minimize during Windows start-up process and hide start splash screen

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I’ve relied on the OS solution for quite some time, but it still falls short compared to what could be achieved if it were properly integrated into the client itself. The persistent splash screen and database integrity checks upon startup are noticeable drawbacks, likely stemming from improper shutdown procedures when Windows shuts down.
Like many users, I’m hoping for a smoother, silent startup process to be implemented in the client.

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