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I’m not sure then. On my work computer I was able to do both. It opens minimized to the tray when Windows 10 boots up and also minimizes to the tray whether I tell it to minimize or close. The issue I had was only that the “Run: Minimized” option didn’t work on the shortcut I created through the start menu. When I created a new shortcut from scratch as I described above, set “Run: Minimized” on it and put it in the startup folder, everything just worked. I’m running eM Client version 7.

Hi, thanks for investigating on your computer. It’s all just behaving strangely I think. I just tested again for myself (eM Client 7, Windows 10 latest official Build)

  • With the minimze to tray option it can actually be started with a custom link in the startup folder (start minimized) and will start minimized. But than opening the application window for the first time from being minimized to tray will never open it maximized, regardless of how it had been opened/set before. (I find this quite annoying, because I like programmes to fill the whole screen not just part of it. Ok, just one click more to maximize, but meeh)
  • When I set the options ‘close to tray’  and ‘minimize to tray’ in eM Client’s settings it will disregard the start minimized option I chose in my link properties and eM Client will start maximized.
    So I gave up trying to a solution that fits me. Finally, I really don’t envy eM Client’s programmers if that is how whimsical the Windows API is in generall.

+1 Want that, too.


  • right click on desktop

  • create new text file

  • open it and paste the following:

    start /min “” “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe”

  • save the file and rename it to eMClient.bat

  • press windows+r to open the run dialog and enter “shell:startup”:

  • move the eMClient.bat file into the opened folder

Now eM Client starts minized. Do not forget to disable the autostart function inside of eM Client. Otherweise eM Client starts twice (maximized).

Read my reply. I had the same problem with starting minimized. I tried multiple new shortcuts and sometimes they work. But it was unreliable. The Batch instead works flawlessly.

Saved my day!

Hi, I’ve been reinstalling em Client today and wanted to share there’s no need of .bat file creation.

Before check if You have:
a) Minimize to system tray - enabled in eMC settings
b) Run with Windows - disabled in eMC settings


  1. Open em Client folder (“c:\Program Files” or “c:\Program Files (x86)” depends on Windows architecture)
  2. Run command “shell::startup” (startup folder will popup)
  3. drag with right click file from “c:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe” into startup folder,  choose “create shortcut”
  4. Right click new shortcut, select Porperties, choose “Run: Minimized”, press OK
    All done.
    P.S. Sorry for bad english :wink:

Thanks @wpinacz! Did this the same way and it works. No need for a batch file anymore. :slight_smile:

4 years are a long time but still no implementation of such a setting? :frowning:

I also want " eM Client - The Best Email Client for Windows and MacOS" to start minimized in the background when starting up Windows without the help of a batch file or modifying a link in the startup menu. I would appreciate such a setting!

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Bump, this is still an issue.

eM Client doesn’t have this option.

You will need to set this in Windows. @wpinacz gave the solution above.

Such a workaround should not be necessary, it should be a simple option, like in other programs. Probably even the default (like GOG, Steam, Epic, Origin, and Uplay are doing it).

And these are Email clients?

No, those are all gaming utilities/distribution platforms. They benefit on starting with the OS, as in most instances games depend on them to be running.

I knew that :wink: grandchildren interpreted for me

What difference does it make if these programs are email clients or not? These are programs that offer the ability to run in the background to provide some service related to communication. There is no need to run them in the background for playing games, you could as well just start them when you want to play a game. The reason to start them at startup is so that you can communicate with others through the chat functionality.

Afaik emClient is a program for communication, no?

Or is there maybe another reason to scowl and bash customers and users who have feedback?

That is not the case. Users asked how to do this, and as we don’t offer the option, other users gave the solution. It is not a workaround, but the actual way to start an application minimized with the OS. It takes less than a minute to set this in your OS.

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It seems as though they decided using the OS method to minimize eM Client at startup was adequate enough. If you go to the feature suggestion section of the forums you will see there are a lot of other feature suggestions from users that have been offered and probably considered more feature worthy. I suspect since this specific feature you are asking has a OS alternative, that this feature would be very low on the list to be considered.

Me personally, if I did want eM Client minimized at start-up I would just use the OS method, it is not the most difficult or time consuming thing to do. In my use case I just keep eM Client open all the time, and was more excited at the fact the last version automatically does a refresh when coming out of Windows sleep mode, where in prior versions I had to manually refresh when coming out of OS sleep.

So at this point I think this issue has been solved using the OS method and if anything should be on the feature suggestion list for possible consideration to be added directly to eM Client.

The workaround does not work, emClient still shows the splash screen, sometimes it gets minimized, sometimes it does not, and most often it restores itself from the tray after it got minimized by Windows. I am going to create a feature request in the appropriate space and do hope that this community here is not toxic like so many others. @lancealot thanks for your thoughtful reply. I do understand that not everyone wants the program to start automatically, or minimized, or in the tray, or … and that this feature might be low on the feature list if there are more serious issues with the program. Nonetheless it is a valid feature request. Especially considering that other programs have this since 20+ years (I am thinking of Skype during the XP days for instance). A workaround should not be necessary, and obviously the stated workaround does not work around it.

:point_right: Start Minimized without Splash Screen - Feature request - eM Client

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It worked for me. Thanks! (Win 10, 21H2)

@Fleshgrinder is right, it really can’t be that hard to add a simple checkbox that can improve the workflow of many. I’m clearly not the only one that likes a clean desktop to start the morning at the office, if only for the sake of wellbeing. Vis-à-vis having a load of mails instantly being thrown in your face.

Here’s a mockup :slight_smile:


Sure, I’ll implement the OS workaround for now.