Start eM minimized with Windows Startup

Hello, I have the Pro version of eM and before version 4 I was able to set the options of eM in the shortcut to start minimized and drag this icon to the Startup folder and it would start eM when Windows starts.

Now, on this version, eM won’t start minimized and it is annoying me a lot.

I really like this program, but I’m forced to uninstall it.

Strange that the devs never thought users might like it to start on boot…

please try to delete the current icon from the Startup folder and try to add it again. If it will not help, tell us what version do you use and we will investigate the problem immediately.

Hello George, thanks for the response.

First of all, the issue is not eM Client not starting along with Windows.
The issue is that eM Client does not start minimized in the system tray with Windows.
Before version 4.0 it was possible, in the icon properties, to select start minimized (Windows options, for all icons) and eM Client would start minimized in the system tray (because the eM Client option to minimize to system tray was on). But on version 4.0 this is not possible anymore. Doesn’t matter what you chose in the icon propertie it will always show eM Client maximazed.

Please add an option to eM Client like the following:
“Start eM Client in System Tray with Windows Boot”.

That would solve all the problems. It is such a simple addon (in my mind anyway) that would make me go back to use eM Client (and I’m a paying customer).

Thanks in advance,


Confirmed Shortcut won’t start minimized issue. This was working prior to Ver 4.0.13728.

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will try to fix it ASAP.

How is the progress? This is a must have feature…

It should be fixed in the upcoming version 5.0.

When is 5 coming? I started up em client again, updated, and was disappointed still not to be able to set it to start minimized to tray.

It’s been months, do we really have to wait this basic feature a year?!…

Hi, this actually works, I didn’t know theres RC! Thanks a lot!
I didn’t find an option to make Em start automatically after boot, but I created created a shortcut in my startup folder and in its properties configured it to start as minimized. And it goes straight to tray.

Some questions:
Is the tray icon dynamic? If we have new mail, does the icon change, or is it possible to configure that?
Could we somehow configure tray tooltip? Currently, when I hover the icon, I just see text “Em client”. All my other apps in tray display something informative.

If those things are not possible currently, please consider them, they’re easy to code things.

I’m now your new loyal client, moved from Opera mail.

Used it more now, the icon is dynamic, so nvm that question :slight_smile:

why there are no where inside EmClient application itself can i toggle start with windows / minimize ? I search everywhere still not find a place to make configuration. The only logical place I can think of is tools / settings but it’s not there.

I’m using EmClient 5.0.17263.0

Please help !

As far as I know, there’s not any setting to make it start automatically at all.

Anyway, here’s how I do it:

  1. Find Em’s executable, mine’s at C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe.
  2. Copy it.
  3. Find your startup folder, you can usually find it from your start menu. Paste MailClient.exe as shortcut. Now Em will start auto.
  4. Now go to props, select “start minimized”.
  5. In Em’s settings select “minimize to tray” to make it always be in tray whenever you minimize it (or when the OS starts it minimized).

Here’s an image to for describing how:

Thank you for help :slight_smile: