How to start eM Client minimized on Windows start-up?

I want to start the eM Client as minimized during Windows start-up process. Is there any settings in eM Client that offers this feature?
I decided to post in Feature request because I am not sure whether the feature is already there or not. If it is not available yet, I would really appreciate it if the developers consider adding this feature in the next version of eM Client.
Thank you

Have you tried this?

(1) From your desktop, right-click the shortcut for eM Client.
(2) Select Properties.
(3) Under the Run, click the drop-down menu and select minimized.
(4) Restart eM Client and see if this works for you

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If you want eM Client to run minimized on Windows start, you will need to set it up manually.

In eM Client, untick the option to run on system startup.

Open Windows Explorer, and in the location bar type shell:startup

In the new window that opens, right click and choose New Shortcut.
For the location use "C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe"

Click Next and Finish.

Right-click on the new shortcut and choose Properties.

As @sunriseal said above, choose Run Minimized.

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In Mailbird there is an additional option for this.

A splash screen is not displayed. The mail software is loaded silently in the tray and reports new incoming mail messages. This is relatively easy to program. At least in the Pro version the splash screen should be optionally disableableable.

viernes 12 agosto 2022 :: 0805hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @prinzip

@Gary has detailed in this thread how to start eMC minimized - scroll up to see this.
The splash screen is a visual feature of the start up process that confirms that the data base is either loading correctly or running self-repair

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