Order of messages in conversations

By default eM Client is listing messages in the message list with newest first. But the conversation list in the message detail is reversed, with the newest last.

How about being able to reverse the order of messages in the conversation list in the message detail, or at least making it the same as the regular message list?

Edit. This is no longer a feature request as it was my misunderstanding of how conversations are displayed. See my comments later where I have said that conversations are correctly displayed in the message preview area in the natural reading order.


My wife and me really do appreciate this suggestion!!
We like working with eM Client but it ́s really a pain searching/scrolling in long histories until you find the latest message. We paid for four licenses with lifetime upgrades and as we really like all the other features I really mind leaving it while having paid a pretty bunch of bucks - just because such an easy option shouldn ́t be possible to implement?!
Please, give the community the possibility to sort the mails as we would like to! Especially as it ́s in almost any other software the normal way to put the newest on top and not at the bottom. When I ́m looking for what was written in the latest mail, I don ́t look at the bottom but at the top. And that exactly is what drives my wife nuts (me either, btw…)

Thanks in advance for your support and, of course, an answer is highly appreciated, too :wink:

Although I am very used to having the latest message at the bottom, I would agree that an option would be great.  I have seen this complaint in this forum on many occasions.

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+1.  Count My Vote (for what it’s worth)



+1 - Yes, it’s an obvious feature, and surely simple to implement.

+1 I thought this was a bug in my install, I can’t believe this is by design.

This seems such an obvious thing to be able to do. When printing it also starts from earliest which is frustrating when you want to just print the most recent mail.

Any updates to the order of emails received? Is it possible to sort emails how I would prefer to see them.   I would prefer NOT to have similar subject matter grouped.

No, there is no update on my proposal.

Technically grouping by subject is a little different to a conversation. Although they usually have the same subject, a conversation is a series of messages that are replies or forwards related to an original message, but the subject can change and still be grouped. In other email clients this is sometimes called a threaded view, but as far as I know eM Client is the only one that includes messages from all folders in the thread, including the Sent folder.

If you don’t want to use conversations you can disable that feature in Menu > View > Conversations.

You can choose the way you want to sort messages by clicking on the  Sort by Received  column header.

The lack of this basic feature has prevented me from purchasing a license.
It’s rather annoying to have to scroll to get to the last piece of a conversation.

You shouldn’t have to scroll to get to the last. As soon as you open a conversation by clicking on it in the message list it should automatically open to the last message in the conversation, or if there are unread messages it will open to the earliest unread message.

My point with this proposal is that the order of the messages should be reversed, so newest at the top. Or at least an option in settings to select whichever order works best for you.

You are right, one should not have to scroll to the bottom of the conversation list. But that often happens in my case. Having the most recent piece of the conversation at the top of the convo list would eliminate the need.

Hope there is no confusion because of my poor choice of the verb should.

It was meant to be:

It is not that it should do this, as in this is the proposal, but that it already does this. If that is not what you are seeing, then there is something wrong.

Hi, any update in regards to this implementation? It is a time waste to have to scroll down to see the most recent email of a long email thread

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+100500! The same thing, 3 years passed since your post - nothing changed :frowning:

Come on now! I’m considering this software for business, but it is behaving silly.

This has to be raised to the top, or this evaluation stops as soon as it started.

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Like a prior poster, not being able to change the display order is a deal breaker for me. I like most of what I’ve seen so far, but this was one item I didn’t like. Some of my messages have many in the conversation and I want to only see the newest at the top, not buried way down in a thread.

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I have mentioned this before that the saving grace though is that when you open a conversation, the preview always goes to the latest message, so the newest is never buried.