Message order in conversation

Hi, has the ability to sort the order of conversations been added yet?

See @Gary reply end of this thread on this topic.

Order of messages in conversations - Feature request - eM Client

Quote - “Version 9 of eM Client will introduce threaded views for conversations, in the message list, and there may be some different sorting options than what we have at the moment”.

Thanks. When is version 9 due?

If I disable conversation view, would that resolve it - in a way!

Has this been done yet? I hate GMail for this reason (among others) and I hoped that eM would be the solution. At least in GMail I can get an add in that does this.

Yes, this has been available since version 9.

For Pro license users we offer a thread view directly in the message list, which orders the conversation with the newest message at the top.

Does that mean it’s not available to free users?

Correct. The thread view in the message list is for Pro license users only.