Reordering messages in conversations to the latest on top

A noob question probably. Sorry in advance.

I read in the documentation about conversation viewing that if “Conversation in all views” is chosen, messages are ordered in the list according to the last message in the conversation. So, active conversations stay on top this way.

That’s exactly the opposite in my case. What option in the menu reorders messages in conversations to the latest on top?

Thank you!

Yes, when the conversation becomes active, so gets a new message, it moves to the top of the message list.

But conversations are ordered within the message preview with the newest message at the bottom, and that cannot be changed.

Please see my proposal:


Once again, thank you, Gary!
I really do appreciate your suggestion (that was three years ago! Time flies!). I hope developers will implement it soon as it doesn’t seem to be such a difficult task. As another user pointed it out, I thought it was a bug in my install and I couldn’t believe it was by design.

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I will have finally got used to the current system after all these years, then what will I do? :confounded:

I’ll never get used to it, personally. I have some conversations with work colleagues and ad hoc teams that exceed 50 messages each, some have over 150 (those engineers, QC, and legal teams prefer to put ALL exchanges by writing to protect their a__es). Scrolling has become a new hobby of mine! :grimacing:

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