More intelligent spam blocking?

Are there plans to make the em client better when it comes to detecting spam?

I’ve seen a few trends now, and I can’t be the only one… first it was using these new, weird top level domains, and the latest is using some which looks English, and then appending jibberish to the end…


In both of these cases, you have to manually mark each mail, and then take your time to figure out a pattern which is very tedious. Should em client not be better at doing that? ML and AI are used for really problematic things these days, but here is an area where I suspect they would do quite well (until the spammers start using it too… and right now, I almost think that they will be more nimble and get there faster).

I would suggest to try setting up “a block on the domain” either in eM Client rule or on your Server mail filtering using a wildcard * in the rule. eg: @untdstat*.com & another one @betterbreathing*.com

Spam filtering is the biggest weakness of eMClient.

I have had to run Apple Mail in the background with the SpamSieve plug-in in order to have all my spam properly moved to the junk folder.

As long as eMClient remains a closed platform to plug-ins that could easily improve spam filtering, this is going to remain an issue. And it’s a shame, because this is mostly a first-rate email platform that could excel with the ability to properly filter spam.

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eM Client doesn’t have spam filtering. That is left to your email provider. In modern times where users access the same account from multiple devices and apps, it is not efficient to have separate spam detection on each device and app. Rather, it can be done at the source, and have the same clean Inbox on all devices and apps when and if they connect to that account.

And some providers, like Google (you have a Google account I believe) have artificial neural networks costing millions to detect and manage spam. A desktop app just can’t compete with that.

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I understand this answer, but… is a big disaster the last few month with spam. The rules there hardly work, but… the rules in EmClient hardly work either. Everyday I get a lot of email from, and I can’t set a rule that directly/permanently removes all '[email protected]" e-mail that come in via I tried absolutely everything, it frustrates a lot.

Would it be possible to consider allowing a plug-in to be installed?

I know, I know I know that the developer(s) of eMClient are adamant in their position that spam blocking should be done from the email provider’s side. However, there are many of us that don’t have blocking services available to us from our Internet provider and/or email services like iCloud. Any services that are available are very expensive.

However, what we do have is the ability to install a low-cost plug-in that is highly effective if the email client were to allow it.

Is it too much to ask to consider allowing for a spam plug-in for future revisions of eMClient? This is kind of a biggie for some of us.

nobody@ is not the email address the message was sent from. We just display that when we can’t display the actual address because there is something wrong with its format. That Rule won’t work.

Best is to open webmail and mark this message as spam there, or find some other unique text to use in the Rule.

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Some of us pay for that desktop app because we don’t want any part of the techbro monopoly…

Would it be possible to add a column that we could show the email address in the message listing pane? I have it enabled on the reading pane, but I think it would be easy to manage on client end if we could show that and sort/group by actual email, not just display name.

thanks in advance