Can I disable mail retrieve

Hello Everyone
Is it possible to disable eM Client to sync any email at all to my inbox?
I do not want to retrieve any email at all to my device. I want to use eM Client only to send emails.
Solution may include removing the server name from the account setting if necessary but I will need help to do so.
Thanks in advance.

If you have a POP account, click “Menu / Accounts” and click the “General Tab”. Then at the bottom remove the option “include when sending / receiving email”.

If you have a eg: IMAP, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud (Non POP) type account, you carn’t normally stop from receiving mail, as these type of accounts “always arrive real-time”. The only way normally you can stop these types of accounts receiving mail is to “remove the account”.

Do you need to stop receiving mail for any particular reason ?

If the account is IMAP, you can prevent eM Client syncing the Inbox.

See my instructions here: IMAP folder subscription - #19 by Gary

Check the case of the Inbox, as with the server I tested it with Inbox is all in caps, so:


This way the Sent folder still syncs, so you can still see the sent messages.

Sub-folders of the Inbox will still sync unless you add them each individually to the command, and you may still see all messages in the Inbox prior to you adding this parameter.

The other option, as long as this isn’t the only or default account, is just to disable the IMAP service in Menu > Accounts > General tab for the account. You won’t see the sent messages though.



I am used to gmail interface and that is always open on my desktop.
I use eM Client just to send from a specific program. I receive large files and don’t want them to take space on my local machine.
I removed the incoming server name and that worked.

Thank you for the reply