IMAP folder subscription

If the message is not in an IMAP folder, then it will not be the cause of an IMAP error.

Some email providers like GMail allow you to specify which IMAP folders are visible in the email client. You need to set that through the web interface with your email provider. eM Client does not off a setting for this.

I have some non-imap files inside the same imap directory. I need to select what files to ignore. Or a subscription list. 

eM Client does not offer the option of subscribing to individual IMAP folders. You need to change that setting on your server, if it supports it.

any update?
my IMAP database is 45GB large, with 2 copies (backup) + temporary file during fixing at startup… My harddisk is not large enough to receive all the data, where more than 80% are useless.

Some servers allow you to specify which folders are available for IMAP so that would be your best option. Or delete the useless information; if it is useless why keep it?

keeping it for other colleagues: it is not my own personnal IMAP server…

I am also surprised that emClient has this lack in 2021.
Being a server admin myself, I was able to customize Devocot with a workaround. But the fact that a program with this high demand on itself after years still does not offer this basic functionality, completely destroys the otherwise good impression. How should users deal with this problem who have no means to administer the server.
I will very seriously reconsider my decision to expand productive use.

I am now curious to hear from the vendor, specifically if there is a roadmap to implement the functionality to subscribe to IMAP folders.

Hi @Scotty

I have since discovered that there is actually a way to do this. No fancy tick boxes, so it will take a few minutes of your time to setup.

First thing you need is the actual name of the folder on the server. To get that, right-click on the folder in eM Client and choose Properties. Copy the full folder name from the server location field.

Now go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Diagnostics tab for this email account.

In the Advanced Options field, we are going to add a parameter:

--imap-list-ignore-path "full folder path"

The folder name is case sensitive, so be aware of that.

It will look like this:

Now to finish up, click on Save & Close.

If you want to unsubscribe from more than one folder, you can do that as well. Just use something like this:

These parameters can be repeated as many times as you want but there must always be a pair:
--parameter "pattern" --parameter "pattern" --parameter "pattern"

Use a space to separate them.

There are also some other options:

--imap-list-ignore-path-starts-with "beginning of folder paths case sensitive"

--imap-list-ignore-path-regex "arbitrary regex pattern"

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I’m not sure if the version of the IMAP server matters or not, but for whatever reason, this is not working for me. I have tried specific folders, the “starts-with”, and the regex, and I get no warnings, but I can tell from watching the operations that it is still checking those folders.

OK, never mind, I did get it to work, provided that every folder I specified was a “leaf” folder, and that I only used the base option you mention first. Neither the starts-with or regex worked for me, so I have a huge list of options, but it does work.

While this is fine for me, it does sort of beg the question - if it is really that easy, and a lot of people have asked for it, is there some reason this hasn’t been formalized as a simple selection on the folder?

I will also note that some people wanted to see the folder and just not have it check for new, which this does not do - this truly hides the folder from the folder list completely. I personally don’t care about that, because if I really need to search old messages I’ll do it from webmail.

Regardless, thanks for the tip. The syncing likely would have been slow enough without being able to do this that I would have given up and gone back to Outlook, which has far more flexible sync options, but which has other issues, and is a real pig.

Thanks so much for this @Gary - this was driving me insane.

I was seeing every message duplicated in every thread, because it was appearing in the “All mail” folder as well as in its own folder. Now I’ve used this and the duplicating issue has disappeared.

Since this is so easy to do, why on earth doesn’t EMC just have this as a GUI option?? It seems like all kinds of issues could come up with specific email providers which could be easily solved by just allowing users to unsubscribe from/ignore specific folders.

I have a client who has contracts and other legal attachments saved to multiple folders on IMAP going back several years. The client has to have these in order to pull them up if needed which is often. These have to be available and identical on multiple computers hence using IMAP. There is no reason for these folders to need to be checked during the automatic Send/Receive cycles unless changes have been made like adding more emails to the folders or deleting messages, flagging, etc.

Is this what Gary’s last post above does or does it hide the folder(s)? I am not wanting the folders hidden, just not synced during the automated Send/Receive cycles.

It would be awesome to have an option where I could right-click on an IMAP folder and be able to pick to include it in Send/Receive or not.

No. The option I gave above will not sync the folder at all, so you won’t see it in eM Client.

During normal use, if there is no change in the folder, the sync of that folder is so quick. I basically looks for a change in the folder, and if there is none, it moves on. The overhead in time and bandwidth is negligible.

Bummer. It takes my client about 3 minutes to check the one IMAP account with all the important emails. He has several hundred folders. I will tell him to try to use less folders for all of these messages he needs to keep.

It would still be awesome to have an option where I could right-click on an IMAP folder and be able to pick to include it in Send/Receive or not.

Ok, so I have read that it doesn’t work on Google Workspace, which sucks… so any idea on support for that??

I did get to wondering if this was an emClient method, or an IMAP method?

If it is IMAP, then it should be supported by Gmail and also you should be able to do the reverse and --imap-list-get-path or something?
And then make a GUI with tickboxes or dropdowns for all the labels that an account has?
Tickbox = sync
Dropdown = sync, sync all, sync x days

Seems really simple to me.
Used to be available in Gmail for android until recently.

Google accounts are a little different to traditional IMAP. There is only a single folder for all your messages - All Mail - so only one folder to sync. Either you sync it, or you don’t.

But Google servers assign labels to messages in that folder to sort them into virtual folders you see as Inbox, Sent etc. Say you have a sub-folder of your Inbox called Test 1b and you don’t want to see that in eM Client. You can open the Gmail webmail interface, go to Settings > Labels, and choose not to show Inbox/Test 1b for IMAP.

What that means is that back in eM Client you won’t see the Test 1b folder. However the message will still be in the All Mail folder you have in eM Client. So really the message is synced, you just won’t see its “folder”.

Otherwise for traditional IMAP, you can use the options I gave above to unsubscribe from folders, or see if your email provider offers an option through their server.

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I typically want to be able to see the folder/ add the label to messages - but some labels I have are like “I’m actively working on this stuff” so I want it to be 100% synced all the time.
Other folders are just reference material or for record keeping, so server only is fine.

That is what I am after.
It is not an easy thing to make happen in emClient it seems.

This is the best client I have found so far, so maybe I should subscribed to help the team with the resources they need to do these things.

Do you have a special badge for subscribers, so the votes count more?
ie. Subscribers feature requests are prioritised?
That might encourage more people to subscribe too.


If the folder is visible in eM Client, it is always synced.

You can disable those for IMAP as I described above.

But they are not?

I go to label “@Do” in Gmail I have 15 messages, in EmClient I have 1

@Gary any ideas on making sure labels are synced 100% all the time?

As discussed above, that is not the case for me.