Synchronization error with Nextcloud birthdays


I use Nextcloud for cloud storage of my calendar and contacts.

However, each time I get a contact birthday reminder of Nextcloud birthday calendar and I click Dismiss (“Ausblenden” in German) I get a synchronization error (see attached picture).

What is the problem here? What can I do in order to avoid this error? Please help!

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martes 12 julio 2022 :: 0754hrs (UTC +01:00)

I can not help with the issue so here is a translation for
to help English speakers.

Synchronization of folders Birthdays of contacts
The upload of the item “Dennis Matsiyevych (1988)” failed
You can delete the item locally or ignore the error. If you decide to
Ignoring errors now, an upload of the element will be attempted during the next synchronization.
The server responded with the error: Not Found.
The destination folder was of contacts.
Action for all problems during this synch. Apply - Delete

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is there any solution for this problem?

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