All Option for Import Export and Licencemanager Server Option

can you make available more option for Import-Export and LicenceManager-Server-Settings.

What import/export options are you missing?

If you have a Pro Business License, there are many License Manager server options you can specify.
What are you missing?

Yes I know, and we use.
But litle things how, calender activate - deactivate, show reminders, show in Agenda, Color … many more other option missing we.

If you have current VIP Support, can you please open a support ticket with us. That way we can better address the issues you are facing.

This is not a bug, but more of a wrong implementation.

The Birthday Calendar is READ ONLY, and the READ FLAG cannot rewrite to server !!!

Yes, the birthday calendar supplied by your server is always read-only. If you think that should be different, please ask them to change that.

Can you explain a little more about how the read flag can’t be written to the server?