How can i setup more identities?

I have an emailaccount at countermail which i use with the eM client. Under that account i have multiple domains installed. So when i receive an email pointed to some of my domains, it arrives in the countermailbox.

But if i want to reply an email, i can only reply as the countermail user. And not as the one pointed to my domain. So i want to create more identities under my countermail account in the eM client. But i cannot find such thing in the preferences.

How can i setup multiple identities under an account?

You can setup eg: Alias email addresses.


To set up an alias email address to your account, navigate to the account settings under Menu > Accounts, select your account, click on “Aliases” under the General setup of your account and add your email address to the list of Aliases. See screenshot examples below.

Then when you compose, reply or forward emails, at the “very top of the email window” on the right of the send button, you will see a “dropdown menu” where you can select “which alias email address you want to send from”. The alias email address will appear as “a pop out” address "off your email domain address.

Note: In order to send out on behalf of such account, eM Client “may require an initial setup of the account with your mail server”, for example “connecting the two accounts in your online Account settings”. In case of Google accounts, you first need to go to and link the two accounts in Settings there.

(Example POP Account alias email address in eM Client V9.2 Windows)

Dah haha, i asure you that i really looked over and over again before i made this topic. So i can asure myself to grab my glasses more often.

Thanks for the help. I think i am going for the Pro version after my trial.

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