FIXED! Yahoo Accounts and eM Client

UPDATE 11/24/2020
Three weeks ago (11/08/2020) our oAuth registration at the Yahoo Developer Portal became misconfigured - so a Yahoo! account could not be set up via the Automatic setup.

We have contacted Yahoo Developer support to resolve the issue and they finally fixed the registration for eM Client. Because some permissions were renamed by Yahoo! a new version of eM Client is required.

Please download the fixed version here:
eM Client 7 for Windows:
eM Client 8 for Windows:
eM Client 8 for Mac:

After you install the update, please go to Menu>Accounts and set up your Yahoo! account using the Automatic setup.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 11/16/2020
Over the last weekend (11/08/2020) our OAuth registration at the Yahoo Developer Portal experienced some issues and our oAuth access for Mail, Contatcs and Calendar is not currently working.

We have contacted Yahoo Developer support to get it back up soon.

In the meantime, the only way to set up a Yahoo account is manually via the Mail>Other option so you can insert a password directly (app password) instead of being taken to the oAuth login.
Follow these steps to create a Yahoo App Password -
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Tomorrow Yahoo’s announced security changes come into action.
To avoid getting any login issues with eM Client, make sure you have used an oAuth login or App password, so you can keep using your Yahoo email seamlessly.

Secure sign-in method - oAuth
Current versions of eM Client support the oAuth login for Yahoo. With this sign-in method you insert the username and password into a browser window, giving the credentials directly to the Yahoo server, which then creates an access token for eM Client to get your data.
This way eM Client does not get any access to your password and does not store it in its database.

You can easily tell if you’re already using this method - the username and password fields will be missing from your Yahoo account’s settings in Menu>Accounts section.

If you don’t use the oAuth sign-in but want to, simply remove your old setup and use the ‘New account’ button to add it again using the Automatic setup.

Please be aware that the Automatic setup will set up your account as IMAP, if you currently use POP email protocol you might want to use the App password option below:

App password
If you see the username and password fields in your account settings you might need to replace your main password with one specifically created for eM Client.
Please read more about App passwords (and how to create one) here -

Once you have the new password just go to Menu>Accounts in eM Client and replace your password in the settings tabs for your Yahoo account. Don’t forget the use the ‘Save & Close’ button to save these changes.

If you already use oAuth or App password the security change will not affect you and you can just continue using eM Client as usual.