BUG: When replying to an email, eM constantly saves new drafts to the conversation and never deletes them upon send (Gmail)

Version 9.2.1735 (3d90379)

In this case, it is with a Gmail account.


  • When you reply to an e-mail and compose the message, eM saves a draft every minute or so, and adds it to the conversation.

  • These drafts are not deleted upon sending of the e-mail.

  • If you go to Gmail on the web, these drafts do not exist either in the draft folder, nor in the conversation.

  • They seem to be in GMail’s deleted folder, but they can’t be viewed.

  • If you delete them from the deleted folder, they still appear in the conversation on eM client (and not on GMail).


  • Either eM should not continuously save multiple drafts in the background, or it should save one draft and overwrite itself.

  • Upon sending the e-mail, the draft should be removed.

  • These should be synced properly with Gmail.

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Same version, same problem :frowning:

There doesn’t really seem to be a limit to the number of drafts it will save, either, so you can end up with 3 or 4 drafts sitting there in the conversation until you delete them manually.

I forgot to mention, this is on Windows, for me.

I’m also seeing this problem, same client version, on Windows 10.

This problem only showed up with the most recent update to the software which I installed (I think) yesterday.

Same issue, client version and on Windows 10 as well. This is only happening on my gmail account as I have 7 different accounts being checked with only 1 being a gmail account (others are IMAP accounts from personal servers). All these other accounts are working as they should without the drafts issue. So seems to be gmail specific.

I have performed the Repair, and that temporarily sync’s the drafts folder correctly. But upon sending the very next email, the problem (with that email, not the old ones which have already been cleared) shows up again. It seems like what Repair does, isn’t automatically being performed on the drafts folder when clicking send.

And same issue with having anywhere from 1-4 copies of the same message sitting in the drafts folder. Seems to just depend on how long I left the email open or made changes to it over time before clicking send.

Can you check your IMAP settings in the Gmail webmail interface.

Go to Settings > All Settings > Forwarding and POP3/IMAP

Under IMAP access, set them like this:


See if there is any difference with new drafts after that.

Hi Gary,

Unfortunately, this did not help for me. It still saves a draft and does not delete it upon send.

I have the same problem and I don’t use conversation mode. Have checked the IMAP access settings Gary posted and mine are set to this.

We are investigating the issue.

Can confirm the issue. I’ve been able to replicate it. Same OS and eM Client versions.

Just to add, this also happens on the Android app.

Someone else posted in another thread that if you close eMClient and re-open it, the drafts are cleared.

I have also found this to be the case.

Hopefully this helps in finding the bug.

Myself, and all of my clients on the latest version are still experiencing this issue.

Database repair has not resolved it for any instances.

Does anyone have an update on what’s happening re. a fix?

I see this happening still when working longer on an e-mail.
However, it seems to clean up after a while so for now I just ignore it though it’s confusing when you see a thread with all the drafts still showing after you sent the email.
Definitely not how it should happen/perform!

A fix for this issue will be in the next release.

New to em Client. I’m seeing this problem too. Any idea when we can expect an update?

Noticing in the Android client this bug also does not show you that the other e-mails in the thread are drafts, so it looks like e-mails were sent multiple times.


Noticing in the Android client this bug also does not show you that the other e-mails in the thread are drafts, so it looks like e-mails were sent multiple times

For any issues currently with the Android app, send to [email protected]

Any ideas on when such an update will be released? I’m on Windows 11, and obviously, I have the same exact problem, only my emails tend to get long and with drafts saving every 60 seconds or so I have a conversation string full of up to 30+ drafts.


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I’m having the same problem. Happens with my imap account. When is an update scheduled for?