Zoom Meetings

Curious if there’s a way to integrate Zoom Meetings w/ eM Client so that you can schedule/start meetings directly from your eM calendar.


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Second on this request. It’s the only thing keeping me from using EM for all my needs.


Also need to add Webex to this; ability to schedule a webex like I can from Outlook would be very helpful.

I too would like that

Me too

Re: Scheduling Zoom meetings in EM Client. 

Can you not just create a new event in the calendar as normal, and then put the Zoom Meeting URL in the Schedule “Location” field / line & “Body of email” similar to how Outlook does it ?

You could. You could also write a letter, put a stamp on it, and mail it at the post office. We’re talking integration here!!

Outlook has a Zoom add-in so you can schedule and add Zoom details directly through the Outlook invite. No need to work in 2 separate apps.


Oh ok I see. Yes integration then would be good.

+1 for Zoom integration, will buy Pro version if required. 

Any updates on that? This is the one thing that prevents me from moving away from Outlook