Windows 11 update

Having installed Windows 11 after receiving Notification from Microsoft that my machine was now ready for the upgrade, Em Client has become very unstable. It shuts down randomly after deleting an email and sometimes when I open another folder such as Sent emails. Sometimes it crashes after opening an email. I am considering ditching this software if these problems are not sorted out soon.


I would expect to see something from eMC about its compatibility with Windows 11 but as of yet there has not been anything other than limited user experience.

With that said perhaps an uninstall/install (without deleting the database) might be of some help.

I have the same problem. Until eM Client get an update out you can run it in Compatibility Mode.
First open Start. Click All apps. Scroll down to eM Client. Drag the icon to your desktop. Right click the icon. Click Properties. Click Compatibility. Click Run this program in compatibility mode. Select Windows 8.
This is a temporary solution, when eM Client issue an upgrade with true compatibility untick the box.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for the replies. I have modified the setup as per datatype’s suggestion and it seems to have worked.

That’s is strange you have to run in Win 8 compatible mode in Win 11. Could be you have an outdated EMC version.

Check that you are running the latest eM Client version via the history page below -

I also facing this problem after updating my DELL XPS15 from Windows 10 (21H1)to Windows 11 two days ago. Any time when I change form an Inbox of a mail account in emClient (8.2.1659 (845a639)) it crashes immediatly without any error message. I also use now the Windows 8 compatible modus.

Hey There.
I was using Win11 before installing emClient version 8.2.1659 and I am not experiencing any strange behaviour. Maybe I’m just lucky but maybe you need to reinstall emClient for it to work under Win11.

Winver WIN 11 21H2 (OS Build 22000.318)

I’ve got the updated version and it only sort of functions under Windows 11–it only sporadically connects to servers. Didn’t work last night. Worked this morning. Doesn’t work this afternoon.

Many many thanks! It worked for me too !

eM Client is already fully compatible with Windows 11. This issue is a problem some few users experience with the Windows 11 UI automation.

Hi Gary!
I’m just an average user.
I have no idea what “Windows 11 UI automation user” means.
The EMClient, on which I have the crash problem, is installed on one of my PCs (MS surface 6).
If you think this crash problem will not be fixed, please tell me!
So I reinstall the “old” but still good Thunderbird! :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time.
Best regards


I have a new PC with Windows 11. I installed emClient - brand new installation. It’s very unstable and keeps crashing. I can’t get hold of support. Unless this is fixed very quickly, I will be looking for a new email client.

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I have no idea what UI automation is. I installed the latest version of emClient on a new PC with Windows 11. emClient is very unstable and keeps crashing. As far as I am concerned it is not compatible with Windows 11.


When I tried to check which version of emClient I was running, it crashed!

Yes, I am running the latest version…



I can’t get hold of support. Unless this is fixed very quickly, I will be looking for a new email client.

If you are an eM Client Pro current customer suggest then to contact via the VIP support page.

Pro Version support

Login and lodge a support ticket. Let them know what version of Windows 11 you have eg: (21H1 or 21H2) and build number as well as eM Client ver eg: 8.2.1659, and as much info as you can on the specific crash issue.

All the latest eM Client versions for 8 & (9 Beta) are also on the following page -

This is a only a (free user support forum) and we can only help so far with advise.

As @Gary says it only seems to affect (some users). So something must be different in the Windows 11 version you have to cause the crashing whether that be the “Windows UI Automation” as Gary advised above or “something else” in Win 11.

What is Microsoft UI Automation

Microsoft UI Automation is an accessibility framework that enables Windows applications to provide and consume programmatic information about user interfaces (UIs). It provides programmatic access to most UI elements on the desktop.


Did you try this as suggested by another user earlier in this thread?

Perhaps you should give consideration to version 9 BETA ?

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lunes 03 enero 2022 :: 1519hrs (UTC +01:00)

I do not know where you are, however, today is a holiday in many countries, perhaps that is the case with eMC.
If you are running eMC v9 you must remember this is a BETA so you must expect some issues.
You can stop Windows 11 UI Access Automation from accessing eMC - try this to check if it helps; you can search Microsoft Tech support or Google to find out how to do this, If you are able to follow instructions it is easy to do, it would take too long for me to tell you how here.

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It does crash. A few days ago I started using emclient, it kept crashing. Found something on the web, probably a new version - downloaded it and it seemed OK. Someone said there should be version 9. I thought I needed to use it - MISTAKE. As soon as download finished, it crashed and crashed and crased. Basically it never lasts more than 10 minutes. Perhaps I should try to uninstall it and re-install with version 8 to see if it will work. Too bad.

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Microsoft also have their “Contact Us” page where you could also ask Microsoft how to disable UI Automation if you are not eg: computer tech savy or looks a bit daunting doing that manually. So maybe suggest the Contact Us option as well.

Googling around myself apparently you can either “Disable UI Automation from the Application itself” or “Disable UI Automation completely”.

(Microsoft Contact Us page).


Someone said there should be version 9. I thought I needed to use it - MISTAKE. As soon as download finished, it crashed

When you say eM Client crashed after the download finished, do you mean eg: when you tried to install eM Client V9 (after the download was complete), you had a Windows crash message ?, or do you mean eM Client crashed (when you tried to open it) after installing the Beta ? Need more info.

The latest V9 Beta via the version release page ( is 9.0.231 if you don’t have that already.

I would uninstall your current V9 and install V9 Beta (as new clean install and not upgrading from V8 to avoid any possible issues) and then (add your accounts), which as @skybat advised above “This is a Beta so you must expect issues” till officially released. Check back on the above page for any newer Beta. Also send any Beta test issues to [email protected] as support advised.