V8 is absolute! Program is useless. Give me my money back

Great patience Gary!
@buckj just exhibiting a temper tantrum without any factual information of any sort!

I’m constantly trying to communicate with eMc support. They are nice. However, this communication has been going on since the release of version 8, and nothing has changed on the problematic interface of the program (which, for example, makes the calendar almost unusable for meaningful work). I have created a new post on this topic and here I point to it:

I disagree. I am on Pro. I have not been issued a ticket.
One of the major issue is synchronisation.
It is simply impossible to get/send mail reliably.
The dreaded red warning sign popped-up already with version 7, but now it is a quasi-permanent status.
I know it works for others.
This is why it is a bug.

If you have a Pro License and VIP Support, you need to open a support ticket yourself. :wink:

Well, I’ve dealt with Patrik by email. I didn’t think I had to enter a formal ticket on top of the exchange.

Yes eM Client Pro customers should always open a support ticket for anything. Reason is that eg: If the support person leaves at a company or is sick at home for a time then another support person can always reply.

That exchange is your ticket. Please have a look at the subject of any replies Patrik sent you, it should include the ticket number. Otherwise login to the support portal where you will find all your tickets for this and past issues.

Correct, it is there.
But besides going to another site, this doesn’t fix a bit my problem.
Completely erratic login in Gmail.
It doesn’t work for hours in a row, and succeeds for a brief time (which is why I thought my solution worked, but it didn’t).
Event tracing should be used to understand what is going on, instead Patrik repeats its mantra.
I’ve done myself support years ago.
It implies debugging, not guessing or applying a generic procedure expecting a fix by chance.


Completely erratic login in Gmail.
It doesn’t work for hours in a row, and succeeds for a brief time

eM Client V8 has (no issues with Gmail) that Ive found on two different Win 10 computers with two different Gmail accounts with (Stock Win 10 PC’s) & latest Win 10 official builds. Also have friends with eM Client for Mac OS with Gmail and they work fine too.

It’s not likely Gmail would have no access for hours in a row. See if you can access your Gmail account via a web mail ok. If you can access it via webmail, there should be no reason you cannot access it via eM Client if it’s been setup ok. Make sure you allowed access to eM Client when you ran the Gmail acct setup wizard.

As your Gmail access works sometimes, I suspect either there is some eg: local software installed and interfering with the Gmail connection or the internet connection itself is not stable and the computer is not connecting properly to Gmail.

Needs troubleshooting on the local computer with (what optional) startup and background programs are running like optional Antivirus, Firewalls, VPNs etc. These type of optional programs are common to block or interfere with mail client & ports etc.

If you have no optional programs like the above installed and can access Gmail via webmail ok, then next thing I would be looking at is your Internet connection itself. It could be the issue.

Try resetting TCP/IP in the OS and release and renew your IP address and reboot. Check your DNS address to make sure you are resolving correctly everytime you connect and are getting the correct DNS / Gateway for your connection.

If you are not familiar with how to do the above you may need a computer technician to look.