Interface problem

In the new version 8, the calendar interface has changed quite fundamentally.
The problem occurs when multiple events are accumulated at one time or in a short period of time.

  1. Then the events in the schedule become unreadable. This is most noticeable in the weekly view when you need to keep track of scheduled events for a given week (see examples in the discussion with Google Calendar, where everything is prettily readable and clear).
  2. Not to mention that the other elements of the program are unnecessarily large and take up valuable space for displaying events on the calendar.

How do you (other users) perceive it?
If this is also a problem for you, how do you try to solve it?

Thank you for your comments

1. an example of how events show eMc

2. and the same days Google

3. Another completely evident, albeit extreme, example, which is a common occurrence,

4. and now the same as Google shows.

@Mladek It appears the problem you are referring to is when using eM Client in “Week” view where for that many events in a day you would need to change to “Day View” to see the titles / descriptions.

So I personally don’t think there is any issue with eM Client as its the same in Google for me.

(Google Calendar Week view)

(eM Client Calendar Week view)

(Google Calendar Day view)

(eM Client Calendar Day view)

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The main problem here probbably is that you have very large DPI set up in your operating system. That’s the reason why everything in your eM Client is so large including texts and the space for events. The screenshot has 1920x1080 resulution and really little space for events itself and large fonts as well, so I presume you use 200% DPI or even more. I would recommend to use 150% or even less. The thing is eM Client must adhere to these OS settings due to the fact it is a desktop application. It is different with GMail app which is a web application. However we’ll take a look on the issue for these extreme DPI setups and take a look what can be done. But the GMail’s approach of visually overlapping events are currentlly not planned.

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I understand what you’re trying to show, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Thanks for trying. However, you have chosen the wrong example.

  1. Try to enter consecutive events, each lasting 15 minutes.
  2. Therefore, you will get 4 events in one hour.
  3. Do this for example 3-4 hours in a row.
  4. To make it not monotonous, you can give some in the next hour lasting 30min.

Then you will see the problem I am talking about. In eMc the information will be “unreadable” and in Google everything will be clear.
Moreover, in the previous version of eMc 7, this problem was not so marked.

I really like eMc and otherwise I’m satisfied (although there is still room for improvement, as I have a lot of comments to improve the interface).

I don’t think the main problem is in DPI.
(I use a 11 “Dell tablet and its basic resolution is 1920x1080 and I use a 150% zoom system - recommended.) I also connect a second 22” monitor 1600x1200 and it doesn’t solve the problem. In addition, we use eMc on another laptop with 15 "and 1024x768. The problem remains. The program eMc is great, but it would like to work on the interface. (I’ve offered eMc free help with interface design at least several times, at least as a reminder level or simple graphical processing. The offer is unused.)
Otherwise, the sample from Google Calendar would use 90% zoom G Chrome, so the information is still improved, and yet they are legible.

But the GMail’s approach of visually overlapping events are currentlly not planned.

I think it would be great to learn from good practice and take over some of it and improve or directly move your professional program straight away. You also target large companies and companies and it would not be a matter of moving the program interface to a much higher level. The confusedness in the calendar can be limiting for many professionals. It is also possible to create another interface or modify it more. Then whether the user chooses or adapts the environment (as is the case with other user-friendly programs).

What is obvious:

  1. eMc events in the eMc calendar are in some situations confusing and even unreadable. That is a simple fact.
  2. Other programs can solve it. So again, really.
  3. Therefore scaring is possible. This is a necessity or a necessity.

I don’t agree. I tried a few things and I have come to the same conclusion as @cyberzork. It looks fine to me. But then I am using a much higher vertical resolution with everything set to 100%.

If you change the granularity of the calendar, the stacked events will fall one under the other and you will be better able to see their titles. To try that, with the mouse hovering somewhere in your week calendar view, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scroll the mouse wheel.

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I am sorry, but unfortunately I also have to disagree with you. G Calendar has such a customized interface that I set up a weekly overview in the range of 7-19h and I can still see everything clearly and legibly. This is not possible in eMc in certain situations. But even in standard situations it is less legible / ie the calendar area can fit visibly less information. This is not the case with G Calendar. Therefore, it is not necessary to shorten the clock range or switch to the day view.

If you change the granularity of the calendar, the stacked events will fall one under the other and you will be better able to see their titles.

Therefore, this solution is only an emergency helper, which is not needed at all with a good interface.
I keep stressing that improvements to the calendar, but overall the program interface needs to take the program to the next level. I no longer use the eMc calendar (unfortunately) as it is confusing for me and we still bother to switch to other views when I know it would not be necessary if it was worked on - and with that I have been offering free help for a long time.

To try that, with the mouse hovering somewhere in your week calendar view, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scroll the mouse wheel.

You do not have to worry. Thank you for the good advice. I know you’re trying to help, but I handle all this very well.

Dear gentlemen, thank you for your efforts, but I would like to add comments to your arguments:

  1. G Calendar shows information clearly and legibly.
  2. We can say that eMc can also show the same information legibly when we set it differently and if not so differently and then we can try another trick and constantly switch what may not be done in GC at all.i
  3. However, we can say that eMc actually works well as well, because it works.
  4. BUT. It’s like saying: why buy a car when I have a carriage and it also takes me where I need it. Isn’t it going so fast? I’ll add another horse to the team. Am I cold in my carriage? Well, I’ll take a blanket, get warm, or buy a coal stove inside!
  5. NO, we probably wouldn’t go very far this way and in a while we would start to envy those who have a car (at least the small and simple one).
  6. And this is again, though a necessary fact.

I’ve already replied Mladek via e-mail. We’ve done a lot of fixes and improvements in calendar in the last couple of days. These fixes and enhancements will make eM Client’s interface much more usable on small screens with large DPIs, which is basically root of this problem. There are quite a lot of these enhancements and will be included in v. 8.2. However overlapping events in a GMail style are not supported nor planned. We are not big fans of that kind of interface to be honest. However v.8.2 is going to be a huge improvement for large dpi screens (and not only for them) at least.


Dear Michal, thank you very much for the adjustments and I will be very happy when they are officially released. Such speed deserves praise - great job. Your eMc program is so great, but further interface improvements will bring it more usability, and therefore more people. Just go on.

It’s just not clear to me:

However overlapping events in a GMail style are not supported…

It is not clear to me under what title they are not supported. Isn’t it possible in the programming environment in which the eMc is created?

overlapping events

Then I’m not sure what you mean by overlapping Michale please? Although it’s probably obvious how GM events fit together. However, this may not always be over, even if the event is over a few hours, when other small events are scheduled at the same time, this overlap is probably the most effective solution to make everything clear and well-arranged. We’ll see what you came up with :wink:

Thank you very much for everyone.

I give here one more example one day, which appears in the previous examples. The events are extremely crowded here, which is not common practice (but sometimes I move the finished events to the beginning of the day when I meet them; to them he could still return). It is an example of how, with a minimum of space, events are clear and on a larger area in the eMc they are no longer readable.
So I’m really looking forward to improving this with similar adjustments.

An example is from an Android mobile and the aCalendar + program.

aCalendar+ Android SAMPLE-Screenshot_2020-22-12

Another example of overlapping events, which Michal is talking about. Isn’t it clear and effective? Only if it can be programmed in Win this way.

And the last example (this day was not mentioned in the previous examples), how in aCalendar + one day looks like events on time combined with all-day and multi-day events (notice the small weekly calendar in the corner - clearly shows where hourly events are “inflated” during day; it’s a simple and elegant guide).