V8 is absolute! Program is useless. Give me my money back

domingo 30 agosto 2020 :: 1144hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi rjubin…

I agree with your comments about Microsoft/Outlook, although I only use rules to sort mail not filter stuff out.
My company use Outlook even though I’m retired now I still go to board meetings from time to time and I used to hear the moans - personally I’ve never used Outlook (being the boss has some advantages), however, the problem you describe was overcome by running:
MailwasherPro, who are based in Christchurch New Zealand, from https://www.firetrust.com
It solved the vast majority of Spam, Phishing etc - it stands between you and all incoming email with built in filters, editable ‘friends’ & ‘blaclist’, Rules that can be plain text or RegEX - you can edit and control the lot.
It’s available as individual computer based or server based, they offer free trials. (No, I don’t work for them though I’ve used MWP since 2005 and now have a lifetime license) Their support if you ever need to use it is second to none!
It’s worth a look. If you do go ahead tell them Russ told you about them - they’ll know who I am.
They do other stuff as well, in particular their VPN, HideAway is the best and fastest I ever used.

¡Saludos desde la soleada Valencia!


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“win friends”??? You think I need “online friends”??? I don’t care, I’m not here for friends.
And YES, giving bad reviews online does help, because it warns others about the inability of this company to run both their customer service and their app properly! This is not a free software!

Improvements for the worse.
That’s right, the version 8 is really bad, so in terms of the interface.

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Comments like these always seem quite irrationally and immaturely vindictive to me. Few people see them anything other than adolescent tantrums from someone who wants to throw their toys around.

The truth is that nearly all the reviews of eM Client by those who matter have been overwhelmingly positive, and I can see why. It’s a really good product.

If you are so hostile to this product (or its support structure) then find another that suits you better before your medication runs out.


You whine about ‘irrational immature and vindictive’ comments, and then you insult and belittle someone, by immaturely suggesting they act before their medication runs out. The hypocrisy is blinding. V8 is getting the critique it deserves. I’m thrilled if it works for you, but for me, I can’t send or receive mails, which is kinda the whole reason for having an email app. I enjoyed V7 which I am now back on until they sort it out, but the bottom line is that as it stands, it’s a pile of crap.

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No - you confuse immaturity with sarcasm.

From what you say, it’s pretty obvious the problem(s) you have with eM Client are specific to your setup not to the product. The fact that you can’t send or receive mail is clear evidence of that.

To condemn it just because your system is not working is ridiculous and flies in the face of the majority who are very satisfied. Unless of course there is a more sinister motive behind the comments!

If you are so disgruntled install another email client and stop carping-on about it. There are dozens to choose from. To condemn it as a “pile of crap” is ludicrously false, contradicts all favourable reviews of the product I’ve read and completely contrary to personal experience of using it.

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lunes 31 agosto 2020 :: 1210hrs (UTC +01:00)


You clearly need some sort of help - have you actually asked for a refund?
If so, what was the reponse?

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I’m no techy, but what does it have to do with my setup? I can send and receive emails on V7 but not on V8 with the same settings. All I get is the red triangles telling me that it cannot connect to the server on IMAP and SMTP. I’d say that was a pretty good reason to condemn it, unless you or anyone else can come up with a solution pointing to an error on my part, and then I will withdraw my opinion. So instead of insulting and belittling users who don’t share your opinion, or have a problem when you don’t, change my mind.

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Exactly! I have the same issues as you except it’s for POP, not IMAP. I am receiving emails though, but still getting their error messages.
Anyway, don’t waste your time with these idiots. They’re just plain stupid and are totally incapable of allowing free speech and complaints from others. They can’t understand that it’s not because it works for them that it works for everyone.

Plus, I suspect they no nothing about IT since the main idiot here said that it was “obvious” that it was a setup issue and not an app issue whereas it’s actually the opposite. I AM techy, it’s actually my job and I’m telling you, you are correct, it’s not a setup issue, it’s a v8 issue since it was working fine in v7.

As I mentioned earlier, many other people are complaining about these issues in v8 on TrustPilot so when they say most of people are satisfied with this app, they’re lying.

As for me, I’m done with this forum, I’ll unsubscribe from all emails, get my refund and run away as far as I can from these scum.

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Do you have both V7 & V8 installed on the same device?

What OS system do you have?
Have you looked for errors? - main menu “operations”.
Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the app?

Complaining and condemning a product without giving details of the problems you encounter is counterproductive and will almost certainly get ignored by developers as chaff.

Bye-bye! TrustPilot is nothing but a centre for irrational trolls paid by some companies to undermine competitors. Take everything on that site with a large pinch of salt.

A far better source of recommendation is through those who actually test and review software products like Techradar et al. - and ALL have been positive.

Checkout “eM client reviews” on Google and maybe you’ll learn something.

eMC is a great product, but version 8 is simply a back costume, with its user interface, which is really bad. Dot.
The icons and controls are too large and there is a lot of “deaf” space everywhere that is unused to the detriment of the amount of information displayed. For example, a calendar can display less information in v8 and the event calendar becomes unreadable.
That is a simple fact. Therefore, I unequivocally and without a doubt criticize the USER INTERFACE and I do not question the whole product. I am of the opinion that a product that is proven and functional should not be improved at all costs. It needs to be improved functionally. Many programs today are visually enhanced just to get people something new. But the essence is that: The circle can no longer be hacked, because its shape is already perfect, and whatever scaffolding of anything that is based on the principle of a circle and therefore a wheel is at the expense of its functionality only.

@Mladek I find a lot of what you are saying very difficult to understand. It comes across as very black and white.

This thread is already aflame with strong opinion, but I feel I must say that there are both functionality and user interface problems.

  • For example, there are reports of numerous issues with the fundamental of receiving/sending/deleting emails that used to work in v7 but no longer do in v8. One cannot rationally claim eM Client is “a great product” when so many of the long-term users here are having these problems with the basic functionality of the program when upgrading and, indeed, find downgrading to v7 as the only way to avoid the problems.
  • Clearly some aspects of the interface appear to be a backward step, such as the changes to how calendar items are displayed and the amount of wasted or dead space there is in calendar view. However much of the interface is unchanged and, as you imply, perfectly good.
  • Some of the old features have been removed by way of “improvements” by the developers, such as the “last updated at” banner at the bottom left. Some of these were extremely useful and it would be nice if developers allowed users to reinstate them by way of options rather than adopting their unilateral removal.

So it’s far from a black and white “v8 is absolute s&%t!” verdict as in the title of this thread. But I find it just as difficult to tolerate those who say “it’s working for me, so there can be no problem and I will hear nothing said against it” as those who just pile on the criticism. It has a great design approach that is far better than alternatives.

Yet for me v8 breaks just a little too much. I have seen no way to solve the problems (also reported by several others here) nor any sign that it will be fixed by developers or even that they are aware of the issues (ie, might have been raised on a PRO users ticket and might be in the pipeline to be addressed or might have been dismissed as too rare to be addressed with any priority): I’m not prepared to pay to upgrade to PRO on the off-chance they might be able/motivated to fix it so I’ve downgraded to v7. That makes v8 not viable for me - it does not make it “absolute s&%t!”, nor does it make it the best application in the history of computing. I must say though that I would be peeved if I’d paid and was expected to use releases beset with so many unresolved problems.

Until yesterday automatic backup did not work, but this was suddenly corrected this morning.
In Mailbird there is a button that shows the spell checker languages that can be selected. It would be nice if eM Client also had this button.

I think that version 8 woks fine. Besides the backup problem, everything works as expected. I like this program.

I want to buy the program but I have several personal PCs, on how many can I use them, because with incredimal I had them on each personal PC, on how many can I use them?

Hello Juancihdez,

Thank you for considering eM Client PRO.
Each eM Client installation needs its own license and that’s why we offer significant volume discounts as you can see at https://www.emclient.com/pricing


It’s a shame, other mail clients like Mailbird offer up to 3 computers per license, I had to migrate to this client, they have a good product but a very bad way of marketing it, it is something that they should analyze in the future because many like me will not take their account into account. offer. Regards

viernes 18 septiembre 2020 :: 1841hrs (UTC +01:00)

Qué tal Juan…

I also considered Mailbird and agree they have a strange attitude.
I have no regrets choosing EMC, it works well for me, I believe
a far superior product.
On price I would say that you can’t get a Rolls Royce for Mini money.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!



Didn’t see these reviews - made the mistake of just signing up for PRO - it is crap!

If you post a comment like the OP, with no explanation as to why they think it is crap, who can help?

So, if you have a problem @buckj, just ask a question. It may be something really simple that you have missed, and then you can get on with a really great application.

Alternatively, as you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further, or offer you a refund.

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