Upgrade to v8 failed

A pop up window forced me to upgrade to v8.
Installer failed and eM Client did not start at all.
I downloaded v8 manualy and run “repair”.
Repair fails with message “account already exists”
eM Client looks like starting, but fails with no window, no error message, nothing.
Please advice.

Hi, it seems quite unusual that you were forced to upgrade, as it’s not mandatory (although I suggest it as v8 is great, but that’s my personal opinion).
In any case, I suggest you to contact support, as your problem might be either technical or license related.


OK forced is not the right word.

Completely removed and installed again and seems it works.

Good to know you solved the problem :slight_smile:

I was on v8 Beta. Got Beta expired prompt with download. Popup says my v7 credentials are invalid, Proceed/Exit. Neither starts emClient. Going to try the remove/reinstall.

Remove/reinstall worked. I did a complete uninstall including db. New download. Install again prompted backlevel license Proceed/Exit, however this time Proceed worked.

Yes, forced is the right word. I innocently started the install of v8 not knowing that it required a separate licence - but did not get a popup about that until after the installer had already made it impossible to stay on v7. But the problems didn’t end there.

This upgrade is riddled with problems and needs a lot of work.

See my early post here:

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Lost access to my emails after the V8 upgrade, today. User Beware!

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your feedback to the version 8 upgrade.

If you downloaded and installed eM Client version 8, you need to have a license that covers version 8 (eM Client version 8 PRO, eM Client PRO with Lifetime Upgrades, eM Client FREE). If you have a version 7 PRO license activated, you won’t see the upgrade prompt window (to protect you from unintentional upgrade) but you’ll receive a newsletter from us with an information about the license upgrade options.

The reason is that eM Client version 8 presents a new database structure to improve the program robustness. During the program upgrade, your old version 7 database is updated to the new structure and that’s why you can’t simply revert back to version 7. We show warnings before upgrading the program to version 8 that a database backup is recommended in case that you’d like to downgrade back to version 7.


Had em client free installed and after upgrade,with no warnings,it will not start anymore.
What do I do ?

same here…no warnings, new version crashes every few hours…are you saying it’s impomssible to revert if I didn’t do a backup?

Where would I look for older backups?

After upgrading 48 hours ago, eM Client would no longer connect to Hotmail or GMail accounts. I get the message “Connection Failed. An attempt to connect to xxx@gmail.com failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Please check the settings or click on the warning symbol to try connecting again.” As a 1st step, I deleted the email accounts and reloaded them. No success. Next, I completely removed eM Client and reinstalled. Again, no success. Apart from de-installing and re-installing from a “fresh-from-the-net” copy, I’m not sure what else to try.

Russel Markosky said: “If you downloaded and installed eM Client version 8, you need to have a license that covers version 8 (eM Client version 8 PRO, eM Client PRO with Lifetime Upgrades, eM Client FREE).”

I’m confused - are you saying that if we had a free license for version 7, we now have to get a new free license for version 8? Or should the old free license cover version 8 too? I just looked under Help -> License, and it’s showing my old license (dated 8/4/2017) but says it’s a license for version 8.

I’m trying to figure out why version 8 won’t connect to either my Gmail or Comcast email accounts.

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I’m all set. Fortunately the download page (https://www.emclient.com/download) has a link to load version 7 (“You can also download eM Client 7 or check the release history for other releases.”). I uninstalled version 8 then downloaded version 7. After installing version 7, everything is back to normal.

What a strange upgrade. It doesn’t connect up to Hotmail or Gmail. Not sure what anyone is supposed to do with it.

I went through this, hoping it would sort out the fact that, even deleting everything and reinstalling the app, neither Outlook nor Gmail will work. I deleted my old v7 licence and then tried to get a new one, but it just gives me the details of my old licence.

Upgrading shouldn’t be this hard!

Did you download the 30 day trial version version. Did you consider asking for a free license key for V8. It may be that the free key for 7 will not work with 8.


What kinda crap ist that…
Hey, here´s an update. If anything breaks we dont mind, we gave u the warnings. If u dont like it head back to the old stuff… REALLY
Are you so dull that you don’t care about all the error messages around the forum, are u just heading for our money? I was really interested in your software but, honestly, I prefer to work with Outlook and POP3 again before I even give you a penny.
My Account can be delete

U Guys from emclient should rethink urgently

Upgraded to V8 and eM will no longer work. It starts the refresh process and at the very late stages of refreshing the gmail calendars just crashes. Not sure but I think all the other refreshes work but cannot check due to eM crashing. Very poor if you had to replay on this program for work. Hope a fix comes over night.

Hello Bice,
no, the existing eM Client FREE licenses are valid for the version 8 upgrade.
My information was meant towards version 7 PRO licenses.