Standalone upgrade to 8.0.2820 is a nightmare

Someone maybe didn’t think this through very well. I had version 7 and installed version 8. AFTER the update completed there was a warning that if i continued i might not be able to downgrade to version 7. So i clicked cancel. After that the program would not start, giving only an error message. So i was forced to complete the version 8 installation.

Then the program did start, but it would only function in offline mode (sending/receiving was disabled). I was forced to buy a licence for version 8, at a rather inconvent time.

The icing on this cake was that the licence activation key was sent BY EMAIL, but email was disabled by the upgrade. How am i supposed to get the licence key?

This is quite a mess and needs some attention.

We’re told to backup our data base before upgrading in case we want to downgrade afterward.
Can you access your email through the web server that EC downloads from? If so you could get back your emails if they are saved on the server for some time and also get your key.
Also I would do a clean uninstall and then reinstall, sounds like you may have had a broken install.
BTW…v.8 is very nice!