the headers take too much space


I agree completely that the header should consume as little space as possible. To accomplish this, I think the content of the header display should be completely user-configurable. This would include the following:

  1. A way to choose the header font size.

  2. The ability to choose the lines from the header that are or are not displayed.

  3. A button or a context-menu option (right-click on the header) that would display the full header content in a pop-up window.

  4. A button or a context-menu option that would collapse the header to a horizontal line and a similar option to restore it.

Another vote for configurable or small header - in my case, it blocks off the top of the message so I can never read the beginning unless I open the message

Just to add my strong support for options in eM to reduce the height of the header or leave it as it is. There are some ideas in this thread and in…. I don’t mind which way it’s done, but something sooner rather than absolute perfection later would be good!

As I replied earlier, I have no problem with the layout as it is. However I hadn’t realized that this could be because I use a 24" monitor with 16:10 ratio and at high resolution.

The header space remains fine for me, but might not be so if I was accessing eM Client on a differently-configured monitor, or on a tablet or smart phone.

In particular, the top of the first line being cut off, as in the examples shown above, would annoy me intensely!

The option to configure the header should satisfy all, and should keep eM Client as the class leader.

Can’t have ever heard much!
However, I see my thank you was a whole year ago when we were led to believe a fix was coming. Rather slow coming?

I see this matter has been ‘under consideration’ now for two years.

If the improvement is not to be made please let us know so we can stop ‘following’ & give up ever using this product.

I’s funny that every once in a while I get a notification for this thread, like Graham said it’s been 2 years!!!

I gave up on this a while ago,when it became apparent that these developers don’t care much about fixing this issue as well as some others. Went back to Thunderbird and installed a few add-ons - this works well for me.

Diddo. I’m back with Outlook.

I still use Windows Live Mail.

I would also like an option to reduce or remove the header.

Guys, please… solve and close that issue. I just recognized, it is open over 2 years since v4.

Hi, this is not an issue, this is a feature/design request, eM Client is currently getting ready for a redesign, you can check out the preview on our facebook page.

Hope this helps,

This really isn’t a useful reply and is just playing with words.  No one is suggesting this is a bug; it was raised originally as an ‘idea’ and shown by eM as ‘under consideration’.  Is it under consideration or not?  Is it part of the plan for version 7 as you imply (the screenshot of version 7 on facebook doesn’t give any clue)?

All any of us is asking for is some openness - if you don’t want to make changes to the header display then tell us and stop saying it’s ‘under consideration’.

Hi Graham, all Ideas that are notes as ‘Under consideration’ are on the list of possible improvements, but there’s no certainty if they will or will not be implemented into the application.
I believe the preview of eM Client 7 shows the headers in it’s current state and all improvements to headers are not regarding their size.

Thank you for understanding,

i am new to this program as the new ditched compatibility for windows live mail recently. 

Im getting along just fine, not overly bulky like outlook 2016 is. 

but 2 years later… i would still LOVE to see this changed. and probably so would others here.

Im all for the optino to enable or disable them, id be happy with disabling the header entirely. the exact same info can be seen on which email is highlighted at the top (or left, or right, depending on setting but i like the bottom view). its unnecessary and takes up room on a smaller laptop screen. 

Stiil playing with settings but have yet to find one for that. 

i found an option where you can choose the height of a group chat or soemthing, why not even do the same thing for the preview pane? it would make sense to me. 

Foreal?! What the truck is going on with this feature request?

@Mel made great point about height adjustment option, just add header as well. Jeeze, so much wasted space…I mean, that little block should be a single-line banger with the option to even show / hide fields (like the from, too, subject, avatar, bcc, etc…)

I thought maybe I could create a custom theme, and adjust height, but that is not possible. It looks like the theme is EXCLUSIVE color only…weak.


I first posted in this thread 5 years ago when this was suggested. I think it’s safe to say that the developers don’t give a crap. I had forgotten about emclient and I’m surprised that it’s still around.

Are you back to using a web client or getting ripped off and robbed for using over priced software?

…incredible, thanks for the share!