the headers take too much space

I am switching to eM from Thunderbird, and while generally pleased, have one or two critical gripes. here’s one:

The message headers are simply too big. Compact headers should have the Subject:, From: , and the date, all on one very narrow line. Currently, in either layout, but especially “messages on the bottom”, every email produces huge amounts of white space or long distracting lists of recipients. Is there a fix? If not, can there be one soon?

This would be a great addition to eM. There’s no reason to waste 1 to 2 inches of screen space on a header. Something like the Compact Header plugin for Thunderbird would be perfect.

Agreed. As a new user, this was the first issue I noticed - wasted screen space.
Other than that, things look great!

I agree the email header section should be compressed or user given option to collapse/hide.

It’s been months now. This should have been a simple fix to add an option to collapse the header. I ended up going back to Thunderbird because of this and the whacked out licensing restrictions for using multiple PC’s.

Adding my voice to this one. Glad to hear it is under consideration.

Agreed… an option to collapse the header section to one or two lines would be good.

Well that’s a breaker. Using W 8 Pro and no go WLMail so looking around. Tbird & Opera next tries. Outlook ok but so big & horsey. Thx for pointing out this.

Sorry to disagree, but I don’t see this as anything of a problem. It suits me fine as it is, and I wouldn’t like to see it changed.

Regarding Frank’s decision to discount eM Client because of this issue and try Thunderbird and Opera instead, all I can say is that I moved here from Thunderbird and don’t have a moment’s regret!

I also disagree that it should be changed, except if a toggle button was added to collapse/expand the header. I have a high resolution screen and prefer a large header with message preview on the right.

I too would like to see the header made much smaller. It is such a waste of valuable space and a real turn off to a great email program otherwise. That being said there are a few other recommendations I would make which I think are sorely needed. I still like the program better than anything out there other than Outlook Express which, of course, Microsoft saw fit to take away from us and replace it with WLM which is lousy in my opinion.

Do you talk about eM Client 4 or eM Client 5?

Both eM Client 4 and 5. If version 5 has the ability to collapse the header info, I haven’t seen the option anywhere. I don’t really use eM Client anymore, so it’s possible that I may have missed the option somewhere in the settings. If this has been taken care of and if the "weird’ licensing issue is fixed or changed, I may give it a try again.

I just explored V5 again - can’t see any way to minimise the waste above the message. On a laptop (even 18") I can’t afford this wasted space! Not good efficient design - others offer a choice to minimise it.

I have to add agreement to this thread. The fact is that the reply headers are different in eM Client than they are in Outlook, mobile applications or common web-based mail and that this difference is not only transparent to the eM Client user but to everyone that user contacts is simply not acceptable for use in professional conversation. Can you imagine trying to send a communication that is related to closing a deal or getting a new job with this unconventional reply header? Conformity is extremely important in this respect. Just as you must dress appropriately to a business meeting, your email communication must be just as appropriate.

So whether it is a personal preference or not on saving screen space - it is an unprofessional letterhead on email that at the very least should have the option of customization such as can be done with something like the “Change Quote and Reply format” extension in Thunderbird (though Thunderbird has countless issues of its own).

Thank you for all your comments. We will discuss all your points and will try to make headers acceptable for everyone.

I must say George I’m impressed that you are interested enough in your potential users’ ideas to be willing to alter your program.
A HUGE thank-you!!! – and good luck.
Regards, Graham (Australia)

I’m a new user and I totally agree!

I actually just made a new topic with more information and ideas, before seeing this:…

its fine for you and never bothers me but it is a simple fix and there is no reason not to add it

I disagree, I’m perfectly happy with the headers as they are.

However if it was made an option then everyone would be happy.