Thanks EmClient for NOTHING

Very sad picture what EmClient gives.
After a test with a account, EmClient was able to win 10
20H2 does not work again and shows mails as before.

No login worked under account settings, everything was ok and repair did not work.

Since I didn’t get a support replay after 3 days, I was forced to do so
Look around and found another software that worked 100% immediately.

Sad picture of EmClient what the levy …

After the test, I paid 40USD for the full Pro version, which unfortunately EmClient was lost
is …

They will also learn from EmClient to produce the right software and to do it properly
Make support …

Remember, guys from EmClient, customers pay their rent and what they eat and shit in the hole
and your fun money for your hobby …

All the best …

Which version of eM Client do you use? Maybe this helps:

I think there may be a language issue, and your translator has not done a very good job. It is difficult to decipher what you are asking. If you have a language issue, you can ask in your native tongue. Maybe someone can help by replying in that language.

If you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket with eM Client. They are in a better situation to help you than us users on this forum. They don’t work on weekends though, so you will not get a response till next week.


@likit latest versions of eM Client for Windows and Mac have the Yahoo autho fixes

Thanks Guys for your Replay…
sorry need my >Mails can not wait for EmClient Repair this small Problem.
To long Time for the Support to Help short need Days …
Done this Problem with EmClient … i was Delay eM Client Pro 8.1.1060.0 from my PC

I was Buying the Postbox Software 40Bucks and in 15Sec was Install my Yahoo Account
and Working Perfect .

Sorry EmClient you was my partner last 6 Years now have to Say good Bye…

Also do not understand that such problems are not published by EmClient on their website
what a waste of time the EmClient Guys demand from customers is well worth it
change the mail client …
For what am I supposed to support such failure service financially and their rent, salary and food

I am very annoyed about the unanswered questions to the support
wish all good sleeps on support

@likit sorry you feel that way.

The issue was with Yahoo and eM Client provided a workaround for the Yahoo autho problem where at that time you had to manually enter the details via the “Other” mail account option in the setup.

See the following thread below and particular comments from @Olivia_Rust eM Client support.

Since then Yahoo has fixed the autho issue and eM Client then did another update sometime ago which then connects again via the normal automatic email account setup.

See official eM Client blog on the 24th Nov below.

Lastly as @Gary advised If you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket with eM Client to get this resolved if still not working.

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