Slow attachment downloads since 9.2 update

Well not sure what happened here but this problem has just disappeared? 9.4MB download now just a matter of seconds like it was before upgrade? I did nothing more on my end than indicated but the slow download situation is no longer an issue!

Not sure who to thank but THANKS!!!

Same issue here, Windows 8.1 eM Pro v9.2.2038

Been noticing for a while it takes a long time to download attachments, never bothered to look into it properly

Yes this problem still exists. It took 4 min to download 5.9 MB mp4 video today with EMC. Took 20 sec on my Ipad?

This worked for me:

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Diagnostics tab for the GMAIL account.

In the Advanced Options parameters box, paste in this text:

–imap-sync-messages-raw Click on Save & Close.

This is not my solution but one I found on the Internet. I did it and a 1.5 MB file that took 2 minutes to download took less than 1 second after I did the above. Good luck.

Edit: I saw after posting that it’s showing a long dash at the beginning of the command. That’s not what I posted. I posted it with TWO DASHES (i.e. - -) at the beginning of the command but with no space between the dashes. I only added space here to illustrate what I mean.

You can find my original post here: Very Slow Download of Video Attachments - #7 by Gary with instructions, screenshots and the correct command.

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Yes downloads at 750kbps instead of 25mbps i am getting a new email
client or provider.

I can see others are having the same issue. 1.8mb file downloads in a minute from my gmail server. Using the web gmail access it downloads almost instantly. Please sort this out !

Have to agree here! Since I started this post in Nov/22 there has been no improvement. This is not the case when using Ipad Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird? Seems to be isolated to EMC. Sure would be nice to see this go away.

That parameter string that @Gary posted in his original link seemed to work fine for me for large attachments “when i tested it” on my Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook IMAP accounts with the latest V9.2 for Pc & Mac. eg: I downloaded a 17+MB .mp4 video attachment (not locally cached) within a few seconds in eM Client on my 50mbps nbn connection. The video opened and ran all ok.

Note:- Be aware though using the raw string parameter “bypasses the normal reliable chunk style download verification method” eM Client uses by default. So yes it downloads quick, but you could possibly get a downloaded file that might not always be 100% reliable.

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I’ve been having this same issue ever since I installed eM Client on my iMac. No other email client takes so long to open attachments, by a factor of many. I have other issues, like re-verifying one of my Gmail accounts every 15 minutes or so…but I’ll create another thread for that! Or probably just go with another product for now.

eM Client people, you have potentially a really good product here! Email, calendar, Contacts, all in one…I love the potential, but too frustrating at the moment. I will come back and check at some stage.


I just posted on one of the other threads about the solutions available for this problem: