Slow attachment downloads since 9.2 update


Since I have updated to 9.2 opening a vide attachemnt has become very slow? Received one this am which was 15MB and it took 15 min to download. A box popped up which said “Preparing download” accompanied by a graph showing the progress.
Received another on Thurs which was a church bulletin consisting of 4 pages in color and it took 20 min?

Has anyone else experienced this? Never has this problem with 9.1.

Thanking you in advance.

Since I have updated to 9.2 opening a vide attachment has become very slow?

Is a vide attachment a eg: Video type file ? If it is a video file, is it a .mpg or .avi, .mov etc


It is a video file .mp4.

Has anything taken place in ths regard? .mp4 (one received today @ 6.6MB) takes way too long to open. Waited for 3.5 min?


It might be then eg: something to do with the .MP4 file compression when eM Client reads it and just takes time to download & open it initially till it’s cached locally.

If you are a Pro registered customer and have a current support subscription, suggest you login and lodge a VIP support ticket and advise the changes between the old and new version where you now notice it slower in the new version with .MP4 files as you advised.

eM Client VIP support page

The other thing I can suggest is if you are running in background any eg: Optional Antivirus scanning program, try completely disabling that to test. As some Optional Antivirus scanning can slow reading / opening attachments in mail clients.

If this then fixes it, “disable the email scanning part of the program” so “it’s still running realtime”, but is not interfering with email attachments. eg: AVG and Avast and some others with email scanning enabled have been known to cause issues.

Hi “cyberzork”

Unfortunately I do not have the “Pro” edition. I am using the Microsoft Defender and tried turning off the virus and firewall but there was no difference. I has got to be something in the V9.2 because this all took place immediately after the upgrade.

Hopefully this will be brought to the attention of someone who can bring this forward and have reviewed as it is counter productive having to wait out the downloads.

As always thanks for the reply and being there for help when needed.


This is still a major problem! Today I received a PDF file (8.0MB) and it took 5 minutes to open? This was not the case before the update to 9.2. I had a friend come over to check this and he indicated that my system (Win10) is fully updated and the problem lies with EMC. He went through my PC as he works in IT and the sytem is not the problem. This all started after the upgrade as indicated in original post.
As I indicated I do not have the “Pro” edition and this very slow response is really testing my patience. Surely I am not the only one having this problem as there has been 108 views to date.

IS there an ipdate on the horizon to fix this?

Thank you!
Happy Holidays!!!

You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling eM Client incase anything may have gone wrong with your V9.2.

So close eM Client and uninstall the program. “Don’t delete this database” when asked on the uninstall wizard. Then download and reinstall eM Client from the release history page and see if that helps. The latest ver is V9.2.1222.

The other thing you can do to help speed up the process of opening / reading messages and attachments, is to set your mail account to “Download Messages for Offline Use” including attachments. Be aware enabling this option does take up more space locally in eM Client.

So to setup eM Client to download messages for offline use, Click “Menu / Accounts”, and then click on your account and select “Download messages for offline use” as per this Gmail IMAP example below. Recommend to also tick the box marked “Include attachments to search etc”.

Hi “cyberzork”

Okay will try that. I will try the quick fix first to see what current setting is and if not as sugeested I will make the change and monitor. If that does not work I will attempt the uninstall and re-install. Just to ensure that I am reading your response correctly.

By selecting “Don’t delete this database” I will not lose all of my folders and email which is critical to me.Right?

As always thank you and all the best in the New Year!!!

By selecting “Don’t delete this database” I will not lose all of my folders and email which is critical to me.Right?

Yes (you won’t loose anything) when you choose don’t delete the database on the uninstall wizard.

Note: Before uninstalling also recommend to make a manual backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is complete via “Menu Operations”.

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This maybe is a issue for some people and not for other and also when there is a Google/Gmail connection - we do not use Google/Gmail for anything so can not check. We did check with POP3 & IMAP to get very similar result.
Here is my other thread:

I can agree with @cyberzork suggestion and perhaps if issue is big make a Ticket with eMC support because this Forum is with other users who try to help.

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Hi there,

To uninstall do I use Win 10 Uninstall, CCleaner Uninstall or does EMC have it’s own? I have looked through the options and do not see an Uninstall Wizard in EMC.
Thanking you in advance!


To uninstall do I use Win 10 Uninstall ?

Yes use the regular Windows uninstall. Close eM Client before uninstalling.

Hi “cyberzork”!

Thank you for the detail as always!

Okay today I did the uninstall and I downloaded the latest version (9.2.1222) Seems to be okay so far however I do not at present have an attachment to open in my email. Will review once I have received and advise accordingly. Keeping fingers crossed that this process has eliminated the problem.

In reference to “Skybat”'s note can I make a “Ticket” to Support using the free version?

Have a great day and I will advise once able to test out opening of attachment.

No to lodge a support ticket, you need to have a paid Pro account and also still be within your support period. You initially get 1yr vip support when you purchase the program.

If you do have a Pro paid account and have run out of support time, you can extend that via this link.

Hi there,

Finally received an MP4 attachment to enable a test. Went through the uninstall process as suggested and it made no difference. MP4 attachement was 4.9MB and it took 3 minutes and 20 sec to open.

This was a blink of the eye before 9.2 update. Any other suggestions would be welcomed as this is not suitable.
Thanking you in advance!

If disabling your anti-virus, VPN, proxy or firewall, as well as restarting your router does not help, then it may be a slow connection to the server elsewhere, or just a slow server.

There is something you can try though. It won’t speed up the connection or server, but it will cache attachments when they arrive so when you later click on them, they should open immediately.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the IMAP or Exchange tab for the account. Scroll down to Sync Options, tick both of them, and click on Save & Close.

Hi there Gary…nice to hear from you!

Will give that a try and advise of outcome.

Thanks again!

I have the same issue on mac os, downloading 15 mb attachment took forever. When I opened Spak or another client, no such problem, so this is not a connection issue.

Yes I agree. When I open the same mail on my Ipad in Mail the attachemnt downloads is seconds not minutes.So connection issue is not a factor on my tablet using same router.

Hopefully this can get passed on up to those that can provide some further assistance.