Slow attachment downloads since 9.2 update


Since I have updated to 9.2 opening a vide attachemnt has become very slow? Received one this am which was 15MB and it took 15 min to download. A box popped up which said “Preparing download” accompanied by a graph showing the progress.
Received another on Thurs which was a church bulletin consisting of 4 pages in color and it took 20 min?

Has anyone else experienced this? Never has this problem with 9.1.

Thanking you in advance.

Since I have updated to 9.2 opening a vide attachment has become very slow?

Is a vide attachment a eg: Video type file ? If it is a video file, is it a .mpg or .avi, .mov etc


It is a video file .mp4.

Has anything taken place in ths regard? .mp4 (one received today @ 6.6MB) takes way too long to open. Waited for 3.5 min?


I suspect it’s to do with the .MP4 file compression when eM Client reads it and just takes time to open it intitially till cached locally.

If you are a Pro registered customer and have a current support subscription, suggest you login and lodge a VIP support ticket and advise the changes between the old and new version where you now notice it slower in the new version with .MP4 files as you advised.

eM Client VIP support page

Note: The only other thing I can suggest is if you are running in background any eg: Optional Antivirus scanning program, try completely disabling that to test. As some Optional Antivirus scanning can slow reading / opening attachments in mail clients.

If this then fixes it, “disable the email scanning part of the program” so “it’s still running realtime”, but is not interfering with email attachments. eg: AVG and Avast and some other with scanning enabled are known to cause issues with email scanning enabled for some users.

Hi “cyberzork”

Unfortunately I do not have the “Pro” edition. I am using the Microsoft Defender and tried turning off the virus and firewall but there was no difference. I has got to be something in the V9.2 because this all took place immediately after the upgrade.

Hopefully this will be brought to the attention of someone who can bring this forward and have reviewed as it is counter productive having to wait out the downloads.

As always thanks for the reply and being there for help when needed.