Very Slow Download of Video Attachments

I’ve tried all the purported solutions to fix the very slow rate at which eMClient downloads video attachments. Nothing works. I suspect this is a major problem for most users. If they don’t fix it soon, I’m switching to a different email client.

Perhaps you can tell us what “purported solutions” you have tried so that we know what not to repeat.

In addition, since we can not see what your setup is, tell us:

What version of eMC you are running?
What OS you are using?
Are any other applications experiencing the same symptoms as eMC?

And with which email provider is this happening?

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I’m using version 9.2.1735. The solutions included checking the boxes “download messages for offline use” and “include attachments in search boxes” and disabling the email scanning feature on my antivirus. Regardless, when I click on “open” on an mp.4 attachment, a box pops up that says “Preparing download” with a bar graph showing the (very slow) progress.

eMClient fetches my mail from a Yahoo server run through AT&T.

Operating system is Windows 11.

Yes, Yahoo! is very slow both in bandwidth and latency. This causes many issues. There is something you can try that will download the messages differently. Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Diagnostics tab for the Yahoo! account.

In the Advanced Options parameters box, paste in this text:


Click on Save & Close.

See if there is any difference with new messages of this type.


Thanks so much – adding the parameter you suggested solved the problem for me. Much faster now – almost instantaneous.



Will that parameter also work with other non Yahoo IMAP accounts?

Well, it will download messages in a different way than we are doing already. The method we use, to download in chunks, is a lot more reliable. This function will change the way messages are being downloaded, but it is only something to consider if you are having an issue. It is not something that should be set by default, that is why we don’t do that. There may be some undesirable consequences.


What kind of undesirable consequences might you get by doing this?

Trying to weigh up the pros of it vs the con of really slow downloads.

I’ve experienced none.


What kind of undesirable consequences might you get by doing this?

Trying to weigh up the pros of it vs the con of really slow downloads

I am guessing that means eg: if a file didn’t download in a steady stream of data packets as it does normally without using the parameter, then you might possibly end up with a a corrupted file.

But the only way to know is to try. As @lab100 says above he has no issues with it. So it’s up to you if you want to try with the parameter or not.

That IS the solution! Before, it took me several minutes to download a few MB of attachments. With this setting, download is instant. This should maybe be a standard eMClient setting???