s/Mime replies coming up signature corrupted

Good Day,
We recently started testing using s/mime with gmail and a couple of us got personal certs to see how it would impact our normal communications with those not having encryption.
Lots of pop-ups, so we decided it wasn’t a great idea.
However, after we disabled it, if I have my buddy who had the cert installed who I was testing wtih, reply to an email from another friend, alot of the time I get a ‘signature has problems’ note and it won’t disaply the email. However, if I got to my gmail web interface, it works fine… And if I reply there, i can see the email fine in my sent box.
Any ideas what I might need to do to stop this?
Seems like about 1 in 5 replies I get from him are coming up this way.
I’m running 8.0.3385 83a873c


Hi Mark,
it is known issue.
Please take a look at these topics:

None of those topics apply to what I have raised, and are both very old. This doesn’t seem to apply to PDF files.
If it is a known issue with s/mime,it should be documented somewhere more clearly not to use s/mime with this tool.
There are no attachments in the files. They are just replies to an outside email that came in regular mime format, but the person replying and I both had s/mime configured and then turned off. Any replies to a 3rdpart non-smime email become corrupted for ME< and no one else…
we have removed and reinstalled emclient on his machine to ensure it is not trying to encrypt emails and are hoping to get a sample of the failed email later today. Fortunatley, it is not happening on all emails, just his replies to anyone else that cc’s me.

Lets see if we understand.

  1. Your Buddy (a) gets an email from another friend (b) - neither has s/mime active.

  2. Buddy (a) replies to (b) and copies you © on the reply. - and you have disabled s/mime

  3. The copy of the reply to (b) you receive from (a) is unreadable.

  4. The reply from (a) to (b) is unreadable too by (b) - or it just unreadable to you ©?

Is this correct?

I think it is related issue. If an e-mail is signed by sender’s public key, the body (and the attachment) is mostly corrupted. Note that message is not encrypted, only signed.
As well eM Client reports corrupted signature.
If the message is opened in other client (Outlook, webmail) it has valid signature and the body and the attachment is not corrupted.

So, WE (both) get the orignal email, from a buddy A, so the email goes to A,B,C. Persons b,c both used s/mime but disabled it.
B replies all to the email, and C gets a corrupted signature and emclient won’t open it, but all other email tools will open it fine.
IF A replies, I can read not only his reply but all of B’s reply to his originally. If C uses a 3rd party client to reply to B, in his sent, he can read the unreadable content in emclient.
Its a very odd case.
We think it had something to do wtih a gsuite setting to use enhanced sending options which tries to alwasy encrypt to local sender, so we think it saw it was sending to me in the email domain, but didn’t actually encrypt the email, but signed it like it was, but didn’t try to encrypt it to the 3rd party who wasn’t in gsuite.
We turned this feature off, and now aren’t seeing the issue.
But it means that emclient isn’t handling signatures properly in gsuite emails.

Agree - worth punting this towards the development team here:
Support & bugs - support@emclient.com