The V8 doesnt open PDF files

Unfortunatly the new version V8 doesnt open PDF files. After so many years if using this software I have to move to anothert email software. All other programs open PDF files with no problem. Just em client doesnt work.

I just tested this and had no problem opening a PDF file.

Are you seeing anything visual when you attempt to open a PDF attachment?

it says the file is destroyed and it can’t open the file, there was no problem with V7. I can open this file in outlook expres and threw acces to mail on website. Just em client destroyes the files while downloading.
Why do they make a new version with an error?

I also tested this functionality with the newest version released this morning and I am able to open PDF files and read them.

Can you post a picture of the error you are receiving?

Hi Marcin,
I suppose the e-mails with corrupted PDF files are signed by certificate (an invoice?)…
It says “Signature is broken”?
See this topic

Same story here. I can’t open random pdf files from the attachment. Any solution to resolve this problem? Because opening them via web mail is only workaround for me and my clients using em client…