Problem with outlook account based tasks

This problem has already been reported but it would be better if it was solved.
If I create a recurring task when it is defined as completed, it disappears from the day of completion and is replaced at the next deadline.
So far, everything is OK…until the synchronization. After the sync, I see the task appear again on the day it was marked as completed. The task is then in two copies: a simple task and a recurring one.
So I believe that eMCient has a problem in the management of completed tasks.

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viernes 18 febrero 2022 :: 1222hrs (UTC +01:00)

Why do you make this assumption?
With what is the SYNC being made?

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There is no problem with MS ToDo

The problem has already been reported here Recurring Task behaviour but no solution has been given.
Therefore, I am looking for a solution.

The problem occurs when eMClient synchronizes with the Microsoft server (Exchange Web Service).
I use an Outlook account.

I have just joined eM Client and I am having exactly the same issue, does anyone know if there is going to be a fix? At the moment I’m having to “remember” if I’ve done a task or not because it keeps popping back up as outstanding - not really the idea of “Tasks” - please help, this is quite urgent.

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That doesn’t seem to bother many people. No response provided.
Yet the problem is very real.
I can only repeat that the problem occurs with an outlook (Exchange) account and with repetitive tasks only.

Yes mine is Exchange too - nightmare! Is there a way of us contacting eM directly or is this it?

Yes i can verify there is some problem with Outlook Exchange Tasks using the latest eM Client V9.

Eg: I setup a recurring task for M, T, W, T, F starting today the 21st Feb at 11.15PM.

I then marked that completed using the “white checkbox on the left” which then the recurring task showed that its then for “Tomorrow” as it should as in 2nd screenshot.

However when i refreshed eM Client, the “Completed” and “Recurring” tasks were both showing again under “Today” as in 3rd Screenshot below with todays date the 21st Feb, where the recurring task “should only be showing for Tomorrow” the 22nd Feb as in the 2nd screenshot.

Thank you for confirming that there is indeed a problem with recurring tasks with Outlook (Exchange).
Could you let the program developers know, are you more used to it than me? It would be appreciated.

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Yes I’ve emailed testing to advise.

Thank you.
I’m curious to know their answer but, even if they can fix this problem without explanation, that will be fine too.

In short there is a problem with the way EWS Servers complete recurring tasks in eM Client.

eM Client are aware of this issue and are working on a way to ultimately fix this in the future.

“Quote” EWS approach to recurrence is to close the recurrence with every completed occurrence, and start new rule with closed day + 1.

So suggest to create separate Outlook EWS Tasks for now and “complete them each day” till this is resolved in a future update of eM Client.

While waiting for the correction, another way is to place the recurring task as an event in the calendar. I use gmail calendar.
When one is finished, you can delete only that one

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Ok yes i’ve now moved all my EWS “recurring tasks to events” in the calendar and they work fine now :bulb:

This is still an issue for me, I cannot use repeating tasks on my O365 account linked to eM Client without them duplicating after completing them. A workaround is to place these repeating tasks in the local task folder instead, but then the tasks do not sync to mobile task/calendar apps.

The solution has been given: put your repetitive tasks in the calendar.

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