Recurring Task behaviour

I created a new recurring task starting today that repeats weekly on M,T,W,T,F.
When I mark the task for today as complete by clicking the check-box, then the task moves to the next date, as expected. If I then wait a while, or “Refresh” the task list manually, the task jumps back to today and there are now 2 of them (the recurring task and a non-recurring task), both for today’s date. Is there something I should be doing to avoid this behaviour? I’m on v.8.2.1473.
This is not a new issue for me, but I’m getting fed up with it now, so I was wondering whether there was any planned work to fix this or whether it needs to be logged as a bug…

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce that.

I created a recurring task for 5 days. Marked it is completed for the first day. I now have a completed task for the first day, and un uncompleted task for the next day.

That doesn’t change.

Where are you saving the task? If it is to a server, it may be that the server is giving the incorrect completed data, or just doesn’t support that function for a by-day status.

Hi Gary,

This is on a standalone Home PC - no server involved. I am just saving the task to the Tasks folder under the primary email account.

If I complete the recurring task a second time I end up with 1 recurring and 2 non-recurring, If I complete it a third time I end up with 1 recurring and 3 non-recurring, etc… But always reverting to the original start date.


That means it is saved on the server.

Who is the provider?


I have exactly the same problem
I use my Outlook account to sync my tasks.