Previous recipient - can't delete some of them

There are a number of no longer used eMail addresses that continue to pop up as suggestions when I compose a new outgoing message to my wife or myself. None of these addresses are in any contact record and I’ve even gone as far as to delete all old eMail that would have had these old addresses used. Beyond that I’ve deleted all “previous recipients” eMails. The strange thing is that only one of these eMail address suggestions (to my wife, for example) actually shows a valid avatar; the other three just show a large “letter” avatar that is the first letter of the eMail address.

I’ve searched through the forum and found one thread where (in 2018) user Gary opines this may have something to do with gMail. I do use gMail and have thoroughly policed my contacts and even (as mentioned above) excised all old eMails that used the old addresses. But I can’t find any definitive solution to this issue.

I’ll add that I have six eMail accounts; two from Yahoo, three from gMail, and one from Outlook. Only one of the gMail accounts is using the Contacts; the rest of the accounts do not have Contacts enabled in the account info.

Suggestions would be helpful. Thanks,
joanne emclient issue
The first eMail is the one from the Contacts in gMail. The second is the no-longer-used eMail that I can’t seem to get rid of. The third and fourth are duplicates of the first but I only have one Contact record for her!

I think this is the issue: