Prefetch Failed

Hi, I am getting the above error when syncing mail from outlook. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Is the account still syncing?

Most of the time, yes.

The problem is all over the place. I’m getting it and many of the systems I support are as well. Started a day or two ago … maybe as recently as yesterday. GoDaddy might be a common factor. (Anyone experiencing the error who doesn’t use GD will come right back and tell us that GD isn’t the culprit! Which would make a nice change.)

The prefetch error is an Exchange server error.

It can happen when you have set a folder or account for “offline use” and because of a server error, the cached data can’t be downloaded. Normal syncing should continue though.

Yes this is it. Tim Sussex probably sees this, and the ten or more people I know who started experiencing the error right out of the blue yesterday see it too.

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Thats it exactly and no, I don’t use GD - I have turned off the pop-up but the triangle still appears - annoying.