Outlook Style Reply Headers

I note that Outlook Style Headers has been put forward before, around the time that eM Client 6 was developed, however, no action from then to now has been taken to redress this omission. The ‘------Original Message------’ type header looks very dated and unprofessional as other commentators have noted. I have tried to replicate an Outlook Style reply header in eM Client 9 with no success, e.g., trying to fool the programme by inserting a line at the bottom of a ‘reply’ template, and customizing the standard eM client reply header by removing the ‘------Original Message------’, but found that to be unsatisfactory.

Developers of eM Client should be aware that professional people prefer to have their email message replies looking like those of Outlook, which is the industry leader in email communications. If eM client had the facility to customize reply headers to look like Outlook reply headers, then I’m sure that more businesses, professional people etc., would be more than happy to use eM Client as opposed to Outlook given eM Client’s undoubted strengths in other areas.


Did you look here : Menu > Settings > Mails > Replies and Forwards > Reply Header > Custom ?

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Yes, the idea though is to be able to customise the reply header to remove the ———Original Message——— part, and replace it with an expandable line, thus giving the ‘reply’ a cleaner less cluttered look. eM Client reply headers must surely only be text based, because that can’t be done. An expandable line can be inserted into the main body of an eM Client message when the reply to an original message is being formulated/written, i.e., change the reply header then, but that is not the point. As with Outlook, I and I notice, other contributors to this forum in the past, would like such a line to be inserted automatically when writing a reply or a series of replies in a correspondence.


Please provide an outlook reply header for office use of emclient.

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Unfortunately the [date] variable is a bit “useless”: at least, a GMT reference should be given

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It is a while ago since the last post, but I totally agree!

A GMT reference and reply header like the outlook style would be wonderful!!
Is there any change to realize it soon?

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Adding my support to another reply/forward header style OR support for HTML formatting in the Custom headers.

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