[Feedback] First impressions as a new & Postbox user

I’ve played around with the client for about an hour and had to conclude it’s not ready for my use. I’ve previously had Postbox on my Mac for years starting with version 4 and then 5. Now I’m looking for a new client that isn’t so sluggish.

Here are my initial impressions:

The fantastic

  • You can customize the living sh*t out of this client :heart_eyes: Settings, interface, themes, the behavior of every crook and nanny…
  • Ability to translate emails…like holy sh*t :exploding_head: never thought of that, but makes so much sense in an email client!
  • Having a calendar sidebar. Finally!:rocket:
  • The number of integrations is fantastic right out of the box

The mehhhh

  • A bit slow during start-up (currently only two accounts with 3 days’ worth of email - so not very much)
  • interface it a bit clunky in some areas, but not any dealbreaker for me and overall a good interface, considering you guys packed the kitchen sink in there as well :joy: Maybe a coffee machine in the upcoming release?

The not good

  • straight away I got a quota error ([IMAP] Unable to get quota information, server responded with an error: Mailbox does not exist.) with my fastmail account. This worked flawlessly with Thunderbird. Never had this error ever - with any client

The really? Just why??? It’s the most basic homework

  • there was no ability to edit the reply/forward headers (even the “documentation” is extremely lacking in this area) e.g. MM.DD.YYYY or MM-DD-YYY etc. And just add an Outlook header as a standard option as well. As a Fastmail user I’m a bit confused why this isn’t possible as even Fastmail allows you to edit the reply attribution and explains the parameters in their web interface for things such as dates etc.). As I and many others speak and write in multiple languages I’d like to have the ability to change the date format to my preferred setting and know from which timezone the email was sent.

Lots all clients have this or have the ability to add this.

You guys already have 80% of the feature implemented. Users have already been requesting this for quite some time according to my search here. Why not extend that so users can edit it themselves? Or who do we have to bribe or sleep with to get this?

  • Syncing notes from and to Fastmail would be nice, but not a dealbreaker either
  • Pricing model per device isn’t going with the times. I would at least expect 2 devices to be included as most have a PC/Mac and/or notebook.

Overall, I really wanted to use this client (so much power), but it seems I’ll have to wait for the header feature (that’s the point where I stopped and uninstalled the client :weary:) to be implemented and switch to Thunderbird or Betterbird for the time being.

Feel free to ping me here once em client has those features.

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I enjoyed reading your email. It is a good example of how important specific features can be for certain situations. As someone who lives by emails, I appreciate your need to have an email client that meets your needs. And as someone who constantly looks for better email clients I wish you well!