Number of email accounts allowed?

I have only just started using eM Client (was using Windows Live Mail) - I guess I am on the 30 day trial version. 

I have setup 6 email accounts - 2 are gmail accounts for my wife and I - the other 4 are ‘old’ Plusnet accounts that we no longer use, but occasionally we get an email through them.

When my 30 day trial ends, I am planning to use the free version of eM Client, using the 2 Gmail accounts only.

How will eM Client ‘choose’ which two of my email accounts to keep? Or will I be able to choose? I would hate to have to start again importing stuff from WLM and would prefer to just ‘ditch’ my 4 old Plusnet accounts.

Also, I note that in my trial version, only the two Gmail accounts appear in the list on the left under the heading “Mail” and I cannot see the other 4 accounts separately (although any mail in them is contained in “All Inboxes”). Is this just a quirk of the trial version?

Just to add that so far I am very impressed with eM Client - thanks!

You will not be able to choose which accounts to use if you have more than 2. As far as I know it will be the top two in the list.

Your Plusnet account folders are probably in Local Folders. If you cannot see Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show local folders.

What you can do is move any messages you want to keep from the old Plusnet accounts to Local Folders, then delete those accounts from eM Client. Then go to the web interface for those old accounts and setup email forwarding so that any new messages sent to them will then be delivered to one of the two accounts setup in eM Client.

Before deleting any accounts from eM Client, make a backup using Menu > File > Backup.

Thanks Gary.

Before I went too far with your advice, I did a little more checking on the software. The main reason I was looking to change from WLM was that Google considered it an “unsafe app” and, consequently, I had to allow access to unsafe apps in my Google account, which I was trying to avoid.

However, Google also deems eM Client to be unsafe, so I would gain nothing from changing. 

So I have decided to stick with WLM - well until Microsoft kill it!!

Thanks again for your help

I think that you may need to re-read the Google warning concerning eM Client being unsafe.

Hi Gary

I think I owe you an apology!

I could have sworn that I was getting error messages in eM Client when it was trying to pick up emails from my Gmail account, which is why I made my comment about Google considering it an unsafe app. But I guess I was getting confused (easily done!!) with WLM. I have also seen the eM Client blog from 15 April 2015 ( which makes things very clear.

So, sorry about that - I am now back to using eM Client - I have taken your original advice and now only have two accounts.
Thanks for all your help.

No worries.

Overall I think eM Client is a pretty safe option as it is also unaffected by both the Mailsploitand Efailissues. 

Hope it works well for you.

Ok Gary - now I am getting an error message whenever eM Client tries to Send/Receive for my wife’s Gmail account (but not for my Gmail account!).

The message is headed “Password required” and asks for the username and password for my wife’s Gmail account, followed by a message box saying:

Server says “[AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure)”

But if my wife changes her “Less secure app access” in her Google account to allow access, then eM Client will Send/Receive without any error message.

Any ideas?

Is your wife’s account setup as POP3?


I cannot see any difference in the account settings for me or my wife (except mine is the default account)

Years ago when I used a GMail account with POP3, the Goggle settings had to be set to use less secure apps, otherwise it would not connect. That is what I thought might be the issue.

But I really don’t know that much about GMail accounts.  Hopefully someone else who is more knowledgeable will comment.

In the meantime, you could use the less secure app setting for that account. I don’t think it is as big an issue to use that setting as many think. Doesn’t MS Outlook require that also?

This is a problem even for me… in Mailbird ther is this function…any news about that?


But if my wife changes her “Less secure app access” in her Google account to allow access, then eM Client will Send/Receive without any error message

That is strange why your wife needs to enable less secure to send or receive Gmail in eM Client.

The very early versions of eM Client years ago did need less secure access to work with Gmail, but that was fixed / updated sometime back with the later V7 & V8 clients. So as long as you are using a recent version you should have no issues with secure Gmail access. Suggest to use the latest V8 if you haven’t already as has much better features.

You can get the latest versions of eM Client for Windows & Mac from the version history page.

As @Gary says that less secure option is normally only for Gmail POP accounts and you normally (need & should have Google secure access enabled for IMAP) Gmail accounts. Also recommend 2 step verification in your Google account setup as well.

So I would suggest to re-enable Secure Google acct access and also enable 2 step verification for better security too. Then further down that same Google security page near the bottom you will see “Third party apps with account access”. Click in there and (remove any eM Client apps) you see so there is none there. It will then be automatically re-added when the acct is re-setup in EMC.

Next remove and re-add your Gmail account to eM Client via (the automatic wizard) which should need the end of the wizard (open a browser) for you to click “allow access” to the Google acct. It should then send and receive no problems. I use my Gmail account that way in eM Client & works fine.

Once the Gmail account is re-added to eM Client, the mailer can take a little time to read all the IMAP messages as it has to recache everything depending on how much email you have.

Note:- Before removing the Gmail account in in eM Client or updating to a later eM Client version first make a backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup”.