Notification for new email in V8 only active for Inbox folder

After upgrading to V8, many notifications for new email aren’t being shown… I have a large number of exchange rules in place that pre-sort incoming emails, placing them in appropriate folders. I have found that when running eMClient after the V8 upgrade, only the Inbox folder shows me there are unread messages. I also have the “Unread Items” folder in my favorites, and the count of unread emails there only correlates to the Inbox folder. I have to click on all of my other folders in turn, to focus on each folder, then eMClient will show me the number of unread emails for just the folder I’ve clicked on in the folders list. If I change “focus” back to Inbox, no further new emails are reflected in other folders until I click on them again. It took me a couple of days to find this out, which made me less responsive to emails than usual. I have eMClient 7 still on my home computer, and it doesn’t exhibit this problem. This morning I upgraded V8 to the bugfix version just released a few days ago, but it didn’t address this particular issue.

Can this be looked at?

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@Alphageek Hi. Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this issue - it sounds the same as some of us have been having problems with. See the thread here (see point [3] in original post and the follow-up for my original complaint).

I tried a few tweaks but could not fix this and, since it was a deal-breaker in terms of workflow, have had to downgrade to v7… which works perfectly again. Several others on here have done the same.

It sounds as though the version (8.0.3283.0) from a few days back does not yet solve this issue. There’s a new version out today (8.0.3318.0) which you might try if you are persevering with v8. However, I can’t see anything made explicit in the list of fixes that would suggest it cracks this particular nut… :frowning_face:

Whether anyone at eM Client is looking at this, I don’t know, but thanks for adding your voice to the chorus of disapproval.