Not receiving Outlook emails

Can you please provide a screenshot of the account settings in other clients showing that the account is setup using oAuth? So far I have not been able to use oAuth in any other application with accounts that were not reported to Microsoft. Your settings may help to resolve the issue.

Please also be aware that this issue only affects email. Your account has the warning chevron for email only, but calendars and contacts are still syncing. So until Microsoft can resolve this, add the account a second time using the manual method I gave so you also have access to email.

If you disable the 2FA in your Microsoft settings, it should work.

this works ONLY if you turn off “access without password” feature in Microsoft account settings.
I guess eMC will have to find a fix for that.


I did as Gary suggested to get my emails. Then I set up the account again, this time with the automatic set up. The emails fail but the contacts sync. Just changed the account name to Contacts Sync so I don’t get confused. Still got the red triangle on this account but this should disappear when the problem gets fixed.

Worked for me as well but also curious if any functionality is lost using this method vs the other. Also, I have no issues on my phone getting emails and no issues logging in directly via the website.

Efter geninstallation på PC: “Forbindelsen fejlede. Forsøg på at oprette forbindelse til” fejlede. eMclient virker på iPhone.

Mvh. Ole W.

I am a small businessman and I have 4 Outlook email accounts and (14 more with gmail, yahoo and iCloud, these without any problem). I have followed the steps indicated and the problem is not resolved. Fixing failed. When are we going to have a solution to this problem? Waiting for your help. Thanks.

@Gary: I looked at it again and I have to agree with you. If I keep the original account and turn off imap and smtp on it, the calendar and contacts will actually be synchronized. After creating the same account manually with the application password, the emails are also functional. This is probably how it can be operated until the problems are solved.
On the functionality of other applications: I tried Outlook and evolution. I’m not sending Outlook, but I’m attaching a snapshot from evolution.
Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2021-09-27 16-40-17

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Gary - Got my Email set up again fine using the manual set up process that you suggested. But I use Calendar & Contacts too, and I am unclear how to set them up separately. Maybe you have answered this further down the thread, but it’s a huge thread now and I haven’t found it yet!

I removed my hotmail account from emc, went to MS account/privacy/apps and services page and removed the em client access. Then i added my hotmail account in emc using automatic and signed into microsoft as part of the Add account went back to MS account/privacy/apps and services, clicked on the new em client app to edit and it still shows as unverified. All other apps on the MS apps page are verified. Something is failing during the emc/ms signin process that cause emc to not be verified. This has to be debugged by emc when setting up a… account

buonasera non riesco a sincronizzare la posta dal mio account hotmail. riesco a inviare ma la schermata è ferma a venerdì.
ho controllato i parametri ed è tutto ok

For what it’s worth (as I’ve seen a lot of people have been providing significant help), in my case I just set up new Outlook and Live accounts in EM Client, using the manual mode. Then I deleted the old accounts that had been setup automatically.

Everything works fine this way and, since I usually prefer the manual mode anyway, I’m happy this way. Having said that, if someone really prefers the automated mode, you’re gonna have to wait for either Microsoft get their stuff together aand correct the bad change they made to their oAuth system… Or EM Client stops using oAuth, as Thunderbird seems to be doing.

It’s obvious this was caused by Microsoft changing the o Auth system. There’s only so much EM Client can do. Unless we ditch the oAuth route but, then Microsoft may correct the oAuth thing and everyone will complain that EM Client dropped oAuth.

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I’m afraid it is eM Clients’ problem, in such that I have licenced customers and (you will have other licenced customers) who are now unable to access their Outlook / Hotmail emails. Even if it is a problem caused by Microsoft, it is in eM Clients’ interest to raise this with them on their customers behalf.

While there is a work around suggested, it does not automatically set up contact and calendar synchronisation which most of my customers use. They also prefer the extra security that OAuth provides over standard imap.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon as eM Client is a great option for many users, especially those using Microsoft services.

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Everything still works in Mailbird so it is an issue with eM Client

Everything still works in Mailbird because Mailbird doesn’t communicate with Microsoft in the same secure way that EM Client does. EM Client did nothing different than they have always done. It’s Microsoft’s fault to have made their oAuth system defective. Shall we adapt EM Client to defective oAuth systems? Not really.

This has been explained countless times in this thread. Microsoft screwed their oAuth system and, until they fix it, no email cleint using oAuth for extra security will work with Outlook emails. Not just EM Client but rather any email client using oAuth, which obviously is not the case with Mailbird.


Garry, I only have the free version and already use 2 email accounts. If I delete my Hotmail account and set up a new one manually will it remove all my local folders

I have reset the imap and smtop server addresses and it’s still not working. I canNOT sync my outlook emails to eM client on the desktop.

Despite that fact that when using wifi it did not work at all since i bought wifi. I needed to connect through my mobile hotspot but . … now this is not working either anymore.

Connection failed. Again & again.

I hope this is solved soon as last year i cancelled my contract for outlook and switched to eM client. If not, i will search for a functioning software.
Unfortunately Aqua Mail does not provide desktop versions as i never ever had any issue with their app.

The issue is with Microsoft oAuth. Please provide a screenshot showing that MailBird is setup for this account using oAuth. If it is using username/password authentication, then I have given manual setup instructions for eM Client to use the same. If you set it up like that, so just like in MailBird, it will also work in eM Client until Microsoft can fix the problem.

No, removing the account from eM Client does not remove Local Folders. If in doubt, make a backup using Menu > Back, then remove the account. You can then verify that the Local Folders are still there.

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Does eM Client, as a vendor interfacing with Microsoft, have any pull or ability to interact with Microsoft and get this issue resolved soon?

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You need to setup the account as I have described above. That means create a new account following my instructions.

Just changing the server details for an account already configured with oAuth does not remove the oAuth. Setup the account manually from scratch and it will not use oAuth, and it will work.

If you follow my manual setup instructions, and the account setup fails on the last screen, disable Avast or AVG, and then try again.

If you have setup your account to use an app password, you need to use that app password and not the account password.