Not receiving Outlook emails

At, the Outlook moderator indicates that Microsoft is working on the problem. While that is not an admission of fault on their end, at least someone is working on the problem. But, some of my Microsoft email accounts have been out since Wednesday last. The problem must be more serious than they want to admit. Microsoft doesn’t seem to understand that when they eliminated local folders in their Outlook app in Windows 10 that users would move to third party software.

I am using 993 and 465 and it works fine now. Originally IMAP was fine but SMTP was not. Just a simple change of the port and that fixed it (for now).

I created the new account per your instructions and it’s working now. But, can I delete the other account that no longer works? Will there be any negative consequinces?

Very curious. If you delete the account and then add a new one Gary’s method doesn’t work. If you create a new account (with the same name) without deleting the old one then it works. Then deleting the old one doesn’t seem to affect the new one. Gary–how do you explain this? Does that mean the Auto or Outlook method will work if you don’t delete the old one first?

In this forum we all are using the FREE version of eM Client. Things move more slowly in here simply because the people who PAID for the program are getting PRIORITY help.

Just be patient and open your web browser to view your email while this problem is being addressed.

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I have the Pro version of eM Client.

eM Client is not synching to any of my Hotmail accounts but it does to all others. This started yesterday, 09-25-2021.

I’ve tried all the suggestions on the eM Client forum to no avail, even the ones in the VIP area. I also tried the ones Microsoft provides. I also deleted the accounts and added them as “Microsoft Exchange” or even as “Other” and set settings manually. I also went into my email account at Hotmail and changed settings there so that any app can also use POP, etc. Nothing.

I have email account (setup in eM Client) from Gmail, AOL, Netzero, Yahoo and they all work, but not the Microsoft ones.

I only have the free Hotmail account version, I do not have any business ones or Office365. And I still tried the “Microsoft Exchange” settings suggestion and nothing.

NOTE: I also use PostBox and that app is able to synch all my emails with no problem (same setup as eM Client). By the way, I switched from Postbox to eM Client recently and I was much happier until this glitch happened yesterday. Now I have to go back to PostBox again.

I tried with Thunderbird and my Microsoft email accounts work fine, I’m able to retrieve all emails.


I know that here in this forum the moderator or eM Client reps are blaming Microsoft for the glitch, but how come that PostBox and Thunderbird are able to work properly?

To confirm my initial assessment that it is eM Client with the glitch, I download MailBird, Zoho Mail, Spike, and a few others. I added only my hotmail accounts and they all worked fine.

Go ahead, any one of you tried and you will see. It is a glitch with eM Client and I am getting disappointed that the moderators in this forum are blaming Microsoft for their own glitch, specially when it can easily be tracked to eM client. This is disrespectful to us users.



This is because the email account in Thunderbird is not using oAuth. I have given instructions above on how to setup your account in eM Client without oAuth, so that you can bypass the Microsoft server issue. Once you do that it will also work in eM Client.

Yes, because you are not using oAuth to authenticate in those either. If you setup the same account in MailBird, using oAuth, it will also fail.

Please understand that there are two different ways to authenticate your account:

  1. oAuth
  2. Username and password

The current issue with Microsoft is that their server is not authenticating with oAuth.

You can see how your account is setup in any email application; if there is a username and password in the account settings, then you are not using oAuth, and it will work. I have given instructions above on how to setup without oAuth in eM Client. If you follow that method it will work. If there is no username and password in the account settings, then it is probably using oAuth, and it will not authenticate.

This is the same with all email applications.


I tried your suggestions to the “T”. They do not work. I consider myself an intermediate computer user (I know several programming languages, I’m a web developer, network specialist, and a computer instructor) so I know I followed your instructions correctly. Then I did my own variations of it and nothing.

I even went into my Microsoft accounts and disabled app authentication (just left it with the old fashion option of login in with a password) and nothing.

I also tried putting back the app authentication setting back (the extra “confirm” security option) and nothing.

Your replies does not make sense to me, sorry.

When I set up the Hotmail accounts in PostBox, Thunderbird, etc, I tried with all the scenarios specially the app authentication or not having to use that option. and they all worked correctly out of the box (yes, I added and removed the hotmail account from each app using one way to log in and then another to make sure and find out which ways was causing the problem).

So tell me, what are you referring to? In one of your screenshot it seams you are using French, so if you are outside the US you may be using different servers than me and therefore the glitch may be fixed with your steps.

Anyhow, why all other apps work with hotmail account when the accounts are set to only use the old way of password only, and also why do they also work when I set the account to use the extra level of security using oAuth? They work using oAuth or not…

Because this IS NOT oAuth, so will work. The problem is that the Microsoft server is not authenticating with oAuth.

Did you completely disable any anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN?

Are you using the app password, rather than the account password?

Have you checked that you are using the correct port and security policy?

Again, WHY the oAuth is working with PostBox and the other app but not with eM Client?

Is Microsoft blocking only eM Client? Is that what you mean?

Anyhow, I just found a solution witch I will post shortly. I am still testing it with all apps and of course with eM Client.

Please provide a screenshot of the account settings in that application, showing that it is using oAuth.

Yes, no firewall, no antivirus, nothing. Again, I know what I am doing… As I said before, I’m a computer programmer, network specialist, and a computer instructor. Trust me, I am the more interested in this to work. Why would I cheat myself by not following instructions to see if they work?

Instead, in a few minutes I will provide the solution that I just found out that is working.

This worked for me.

Thanks Much!

Harry, the first time I didn’t understand when you wrote the lines imap and smtp, but when you created this post # 158
everything was resolved (repaired) for me without any questions. To facilitate your dialogue with everyone and understanding - your link will help Not receiving Outlook emails - #158.

Ahhh, that does make a difference regarding reasonable expectations. Thanks for clarifying.

Its a Microsoft issue, my 4 hotmail accounts suddenly stopped working in emClient. All you have to do is login to the Microsoft account in a browser and re-verify the account. Then wait a few minutes and restart emClient. All good.

I don’t think this is the same issue.

In eM Client, can you please go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab for your Hotmail account. Is there an Authentication section that has a username and password?