Not receiving Outlook emails

Can you please provide a screenshot of the account IMAP settings in these applications showing that the account is setup with oAuth? I believe in The Bat it is the Transport tab. I have not yet been able to connect to an account in any application using oAuth. Maybe you are using a different server, and that could be a useful workaround for users.

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Same here. Microsoft oAuth/Hotmail isn’t working.

(Gary mate, seriously? Childish way to treat paying customers)

Yes, this is a server issue over at Microsoft.

Please see the manual setup instructions I have given above, which allow you to setup your account in eM Client without oAuth. It will then work as normal, and you can use this until they resolve the issue. You can then revert to oAuth if you want.

It is just above, I think reply 158.

Scroll up a bit and you will see the post I made today with the screenshots. I just changed the comment background to yellow, so it is easier to find. If anything is confusing or inaccurate, please let me know and I will change it.

MailBird is using:

Port: 143
Security: SSL/TSL

Port: 587
Security: STARTTLS

I uninstalled TheBat! because it couldn’t find my IMAP Folders.

I am using version 8.2.1473 (04b618f) and the add account dialog doesn’t look anything like that.

Can we have a screenshot please. You are not showing what type of authentication is being used.

Hi fellows, MS is promoting its “mail”(used to be free) app now inside an officer package. It’s probably the reason they stop to allow outlook works with other tools, like eM client.
I believe its a commercial decision, not a unexpected technical issue.

kind regards.


Hi Gary,

I have tried your work-around three times now and it does not work for me. Nice to see some of the users have had some success and thak you for all of your efforts to help out.

Will have to wait for fix and hopefully it will be soon.
Thanks again!

In regards to my post 177 and in conversation with Gary I indicated it still did not work. I shut down computer and did restart and the new account is now working! Maybe some of the users that found the temp new account set up manually did not work can give that a try.

Good luck. Hopefully MS will have a fix soon. Thanks to the monitors for their dedicated effort to try and help us out in the meantime.

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Sorry should be post # 176.

Hi bearpeje

I am experiencing the same problem with no incoming mail from an Outlook account. Hovering on the red triangle produces the message “Connection Failed”. Strangely, outgoing mail is still functioning. The problem seems to have arisen in the last 48 hours. Like you, I would appreciate constructive suggestions.

Have you tried post #155?

I have experienced this too. I think it may be a problem with eM Client and Microsoft’s two-step verification. I visited the following Microsoft support page and followed the instructions to generate an app password to use instead of my regular Microsoft password. This seem to have fixed the problem.

Using app passwords with apps that don’t support two-step verification

Yes, this is password authentication, not oAuth.


I have given instructions above to setup the account in eM Client so it doesn’t use oAuth. Then it will also work.

I can no longer get outlook emails. all of my folders are empty. there is a red triangle next to account name. Cant send or receive.

Please see my comments above where I have given instructions on how to setup the account in eM Client so it bypasses the Microsoft oAuth issue. Once you have done that, it will work.

I followed Gary’s instructions of using Other with eM Client but that doesn’t work either. I have multiple licenses. Any Microsoft accounts setup with IMAP and SMTP on eM Client don’t work. The accounts that I am having trouble with are and I have deleted the test accounts multiple times and added the accounts again using Autosetup, Outlook setup, Exchange setup, and Other. The account won’t connect using any of the setup methods including Gary’s. Autosetup, Outlook setup, and Other setup all result in an IMAP-SMTP setup and don’t connect. Exchange setup gets to the point where you enter the password connects with the server but rejects a login. I noticed that the hotmail accounts that are working correctly are setup with an Exchange server at a particular link. eM Client doesn’t seem to offer a way to setup the email with a specified server.

Yes. And it is an extremely reasonable expectation for eM Client’s customers to expect eM Client to work with Microsoft on their customer’s behalf.

Anytime a business sells a product that relies on a third party service, that business should help if there is a problem with the third party service. This is good business 101 and happens all the time because it is good business 101.

And, in very practical terms, I would not even know where to begin in contacting MS about this. But I expect eM Client to have expertise here and could much better work with MS on the issue.