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I have read a couple of threads regarding no audio or taskbar notifications, since I have been having the same problem for several months now. Yesterday I updated to version 7.2.34731.0 and was hoping that the problem would be solved, but no luck. I have tried changing some of the notification settings including which audio notification file to use, and have tried checking and unchecking “Use System Notifications” and still get no notifications. This seems strange because I know the eM Client group has been aware of this problem for several months now, but no solution has been posted.

Maybe I have notifications for eM Client disabled in Windows 10 somehow. I am looking into that, but so far have not come up with anything.

Well, I looked all around in Windows 10 Settings>System> Notifications and Actions, and did not find anything there that helped to enable eM Client audio and taskbar notifications. Any help would be appreciated.

It seems to be working now. Not sure what I did, but somehow it is working now.

pull this old [ish] thread back up - in the last few days taskbar notifications have stopped [again] - anyone else seeing this - few updates to win10 which i assume is the problem but Microsoft wont do anything so downt to emclient to sort

Hello all,

If you still have problems with system notifications, please contact me at:

Thank you.

Same problem, notifications are not working. I use also the Windows 10 Mail & Calendar app and this works perfectly.

a while since i posted i had this problem - em had no answer but the solution was simple for me - the notifications were [in fact] there - they were just hidden - click on the up chevron to show the hidden notification items and the mail one is/was there - pull it down to the task bar and things are back to normal

i can only assume some update changed something

i did relate this to markosky at em - i thought he was going to add a note but obviously not

hope that works for you

You mean the dialog box for the notification could be hidden behind another window?
Is there a difference between the Windows App (from the app store) and the normal app? IMO, the Windows App should use the message/notification area in Windows 10 so this notification should never disappear.

IMO there is something broken and it doesn’t work as expected. Unfortunately this gives a bad user experience.

Both the Windows Store version and the regular Windows version can use Windows system notifications.

Is your issue with the Windows Store version Frank?

imo the problem is windows - i always got the notification window bottom right but it was the mail icon that sits on the taskbar bottom right that disappeared after about 30 sec - thats completely useless if you are not sat at the computer all day as mail is there but not notified - i exchanged a few mails with em and they were at a loss - they said at the time no one else had flagged it so i looked to see if it was my system - i installed postbox which is similar to em and got the same result - the new mail item showed and disappeared after 30 sec - by chance i looked in the hidden items and it was there - moving it back to the taskbar solved the problem

so imo the problem is microsoft not em - as i said i think an update changed the behaviour of the notification icon and toast

Mine will sit there all day until I bring eM Client into focus. You just need to adjust the Windows settings. 

With this setting the new mail notification will pop-up, then move to the notification center. The new mail icon will remain in the task bar until you switch to eM Client.

System notifications means the usage of the Windows notification/message area?

I will try it with this option.
Anyway,  this notification implementation needs a complete overhaul. It seems some users having problems with this behavior.


There are two options; integrated Windows system notifications, or the traditional application notification. Try each by changing the setting indicated by the green arrow above.

How does it work with reminders, eg. from Calendar events?  This displays only the application notification (dialog box)?
It seems this option was added later, the help file doesn’t say something about this “system notification” option. 

Yes, it was only added in November.

I am not getting any notifications (banner, sound, pop-up) when a new mail arrives in emclient…can someone help please?

The same problem here. No System notifications. Native em client notifications do work.
I am trying out Windows Store version.