no more notifications

I noticed late this morning that I was no longer getting new mail notifications - both popup and sound. The first few came through as normal because I heard the laptop while I was making coffee. After that nothing. I checked everything, nothing has changed. The whole day while I was working on the laptop - no more notifications. Until while I am typing this, notifications have started again. Go figure! And then I delayed sending this, because I thought it might be working as before, but in the last 40 minutes - no more notifications.

Me too, happened right after the 8.x update. I have missed some appointments due to this, not happy.

I was having this issue, dug a bit deeper into my own Windows 10 settings. Turns out I disabled the windows 10 notifications. If you do this you won’t see anything from emClient notification wise. You can also go into the emClient settings under “Settings>General>Notifications” and uncheck “Use system notifications”. This will make a pop up window appear from emClient. Hope this helps!

Calendar Reminder Notifications Not working

I will try this and report back.

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