Calendar Reminder Notifications Not working

Hello - I have just begun the free trail of the Em Email client running on a Windows 10 machine. the client is great and I have enjoyed using it so far but I am having an issue with calendar alerts/notifications. I have attempted to create multiple calendar events with reminders ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes but the app never alerts me of the pending appointment. I have checked the notification settings and all seems normal to me. Is there anything I can check?

Thank you

I was having this issue, dug a bit deeper into my own Windows 10 settings. Turns out I disabled the windows 10 notifications. If you do this you won’t see anything from emClient notification wise. You can also go into the emClient settings under “Settings>General>Notifications” and uncheck “Use system notifications”. This will make a pop up window appear from emClient. Hope this helps!

This worked! I am now receiving notifications AND the snooze button worked! Thank you!

Happy to hear. Despite all the hate on the new emclient, I wonder how much of the ‘Bugs’ are actually just bad defaults… I am not having any significant issues yet, thought i do wish there was better rules management.

I tried this but with no luck.

Now I am wondering how long has this been happening.