No notifications for reminders

I am using windows 10 and em client v8.0.2951. I am getting no notifications at all from calendar event reminders. I believe that this started with the upgrade to version 8. Any help would be appreciated.

My reminders now show up in the Windows 10 notifications area instead of the previous popup dialog box. It is very annoying! Please bring back the reminders popup dialog box!

I have problems with that, too. Let’s hope they change it back again. I depend on those pop ups.

Here’s the solution:

Confirming the above fix.

What a shitass change; especially to set as a new default setting.

Thank you eM Client for responding to my thread here. Do any of the Dev’s even know how v8.xx works?


You can also use the system notifications, but need to ensure your settings in your Focus Assist/Notification center allow emClient to push notifications so they are visible.