New Mail icon after reading mail does not disappear

I have noticed when new Mail arrives eM Client has an envelope icon in the eM Client window minimised on the PC. After reading the new mails the envelope icon is supposed to disappear. eM Client does not seem to do that. I have noticed this a number of times. Help please.

I carn’t replicate that problem on the latest Windows and Mac.

Could be you might need a later update of eM Client or your OS might need updating / patching.

What version of eM Client are you running ?, and what version of Windows do you have ?

@cyberzork The OS is Windows 10 Pro, the eM Client version is latest 9…

This issue might be arising in certain situations. It could be when one is multi tasking as in working or composing an email and new mails arrive. It could be if multiple emails arrive or are syncing in inbox at the same time. It could be if new emails are not opened after a few seconds of arrival.

I am just guessing the above scenarios. I also tested one email and the mail icon in the tray on the PC disappeared. So, I am deducing that something is causing this problem or the problem occurs in certain situations. I have also checked in this forum. Others have this problem too.

Do you have a link to the issue on the forum.

Envelope icon doesn’t go away in taskbar icon if email notification has been opened from a virtual desktop

That is more than likely due to the virtual desktop. It’s probably not designed for that and lucky it works at all. Maybe in the future.

Are you still using the virtual desktop with eM Client? Or is this happening when not using it.

@cyberzork I am using a normal PC. I am not using a virtual desktop. The user who made the other post in the forum for which I attached the screenshots in my last post probably is using virtual desktop.

Ok try then testing with the latest V10 Beta via the release history page which is free ATM till officially released.

Backup your current V9.2 first before updating via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is is complete via clicking the dropdown on the right of Refresh and click “Show Operations”. Also close eM Client before updating.

Note: If it’s still the same issue with V10 Beta send that feedback to [email protected]

On my system, I have narrowed this problem down to one scenario. If a snoozed mail returns to the inbox after its snooze period expires, the unread mail indicator does not go away after reading the other new mails that came in. I have reported this to [email protected].


I have reported this issue to [email protected] since version 9.

During the version 10 beta, I reported it again. It seems nobody cares about fixing this bug which is really annoying. It only happens when a message comes out of snooze

If a snoozed mail returns to the inbox after its snooze period expires, the unread mail indicator does not go away after reading the other new mails that came in.

Ive also tested the latest Official Release eM Client 10.0.3125 for PC and Mac and I still cannot replicate that same problem. The unread indicator “does go away for me” in that scenario above.

Suggest to try the latest V10 Offical release if you haven’t already via the release history page.

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I have also just tested this on PC and agree with @cyberdork

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The bug is still there in the official release of version 10. The only way to get rid of the unread mail indicator is to close and re-open em client. This is really annoying.

It even remains if you delete the mail that came out of snooze

Still having this problem as well. Running latest release.

I have been dealing with this problem for years. It seems there is no interest in fixing it.

I am creating a new thread about this issue in the hope that the developers will finally address it as it seems nobody is willing to address this bug that has been there for years.

When a mail comes out of snooze, the taskbar icon is updated to show the new mail icon over the em client icon to indicate that there is new mail. However, the new mail icon does not go away when viewing the snoozed item. It does not even go away if you delete the item that came out of snooze.

The only way to restore the taskbar item is to close em client and re-open it. This is extremely annoying, especially as this bug has been known for years, but nobody is inclined to fix it.

The only feedback we ever get is that you can’t reproduce the bug on your end and then the issue is dropped. Just because you can’t reproduce the bug, does not mean it is non-existent. If you go through this form, you will see that many other em client users experience the same issue.

This bug was present in version 9, all the 10 betas as well as the current version 10 release.

Can somebody please address this issue or do we have to wait another couple of years before somebody does something about it?

And admin just moved the message back to this thread that is getting no attention.

Best not to open a separate topic when you have already asked the same question in this one. Otherwise it makes it more difficult for other users to reply to your questions. And others have already replied to the question here.

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Not questions - reports.

Ok, I have done a complete uninstall and reinstall. I backed up database and settings before doing so and restored them after reinstall. We’ll see how it goes after the next snoozed message wakes up.

I realize now that there is not a way to tell what the snooze setting is once a message is snoozed, that I can find anyway. That is, when it is scheduled to wake up. It would be useful to have this available. Preferably as a column, or at least in the message properties.

@pstrisik, please keep us updated. I would love to know if the bug is still present after doing a reinstall.